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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yui new single to “Rain” use as theme song~

Singer and song writer YUI’s new single “Rain”, which will be released at the end of November, will be used as the theme song of the new TV drama “Perfect Report” which starts in October.
“Perfect Report” is the first serial of the new period of Fuji TV. It’s a story about the comeback of several journalists of a news station, casting Matsuyuki Yasuko, Koide Keisuke and Aibu Saki. The reason of YUI’s song is used as the theme is that “It is a song sung by full energy. It is YUI who can express the feeling of a new start.”
“Rain”, as the 17th single of YUI, is also the 4th TV drama-related song of her. Having read the script, YUI said: “I wrote the song with the strong hope of moving forward.” If the song tops Oricon chart on the first week, it will make the 6th in a row, equalling another female singer Utada Hikaru.

source from JpopFun!

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