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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu Will Be A Regular On “Hiru nan desu!”

Kikkawa Yuu will be a Tuesday regular guest on NTV’s new morning show Hiru nan desu!

It seems that promotion for Kikka has already restarted once again, which is great news since a regular TV show appearance will most likely be a great way to show off her personality to viewers of the show as well as a great way to promote her debut single.

I have no idea what the show is about since the only image we see on the site is of a cat saying “Do you enjoy?” and a dog replying “Yes!”, but hopefully we get to find out soon since it will be great to see what Kikka will be doing as a regular.

Hopefully all Kikka fans tune in to check out the show.

The show will air from 11:55 am to 1:55 pm.

source from sayunii

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