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Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Release Date Announced For Kikkawa Yuu’s Single “Kikkake wa YOU!”

The new release date for Kikkawa Yuu’s debut single titled Kikkake wa YOU! has been announced to be on May 11.

I was disappointed when I found out about Kikka’s debut single being postponed but due to the tragedy it was the best choice since releasing the single on the original March date would have been a pretty bad marketing move (not to mention a bad move in general), but I am glad to see that we finally get a new release date since it gives Kikka fans a chance to mark their calendars for the release.

Compared to the other postponed H!P releases the new date for Kikkawa’s single is a bit too far away (a month more than Morning Musume or C-ute’s releases) but it does give her a great chance to make up for her postponed single and promote herself through many more events as well as having the advantage of releasing her single alongside her movie Kikkake wa YOU! which will also be released in early May.

Since the date has been confirmed on her official Universal site and her personal fan club site it seems like this will be the date her single will be released, so hopefully fans preorder their copies of her single so that they can support Kikka and enjoy her first single release.
The release date is set for 5/11.

source from sayunii

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