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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Morning Musume Official Ustream Channel Opened

An official Ustream channel for Morning Musume called Ustreamusume has been opened.

It’s really great to see that Morning Musume are finally taking part in Ustream since it was already proven by C-ute members to be an awesome way to interact with fans as well as attracting viewers from around the world.

The name of the channel is a play on words that seem to work for everything Morning Musume takes part of and it’s really nice since it’s easy to remember and cute at the same time.

The first broadcast was settled to feature Niigaki Risa along with the 9th generation members which seems like a great opportunity for everyone to see the future leader and the new members interact and talk, and while we don’t know yet how each member is scheduled to appear, the channel will most probably keep us updated with the “Upcoming shows” section.

Hopefully everyone can tune in Live to watch the first airing of the show.

The broadcasting will take place on 4/13 at 2:00 to 3:00 PM EET (11:00 AM GMT).


Official H!P announcement

source from sayunii

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