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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello! Project 2011 Summer Tour Logos Released

The logos for Hello! Project’s 2011 Summer ~Nippon no Mirai wa WOW WOW Live~ and 2011 Summer ~Nippon no Mirai wa YEAH YEAH Live~ have been released.

The logos feature a similar look but they have some small differences, such as the Nippon no Mirai wa being in different styled bubbles, the Live also being in different styles, or the most noticeable of them being that they each feature different colors (although the Hello! Project 2011 Summer has the same white, green and pink style).

For the most part I really like how they look since they have a certain comic book (or manga) style that shows off the excitement and energy fans will expect to see from all of the H!P members once the tour starts, and while there doesn’t seem to be a noticeable theme I look forward to finding out how the concerts turn out once we get a chance to see them.

So far only a few dates have been confirmed but we should get a chance to see even more as the weeks go by, and with these great logos filled with energy and color we should see many fans attend the start of the next tour excitedly waiting for the great show all of the H!P members will give them.

source from sayunii

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