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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Morning Musume – “Only You” HQ Covers Released


Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

HQ covers for Morning Musume’s 46th single titled Only You have been released.

The Regular edition features a full body group picture of Morning Musume. If you compare the member outfits, 9th gen received different outfits. Their outfits are short sleeved and are two piece, exposing their stomachs.

Limited A features all the members in their own little frame from the shoulders up doing their own pose. Everyone looks amazing in this pose and for me Erina and Kanon really stand out for me since it’s a different feeling from what they usually have. Kanon in particular has such a upbeat personality and it’s really different seeing her do a serious pose. First all the members except Riho are shown posing with one hand or none in Sayu’s frame. Riho is shown with two and in that area it’s just sort of hard to separate the two. Also in Reina’s pose part of her shoulder seems to fade in with the background and it looks as if it’s someone else’s arm in the shot. Regardless of that everyone is amazing.

In Limited B the first thing that stands out is Gaki’s hair. It’s a new style that we’ve seen her in . In this cover Riho, Reina and Ai are in the front, while the rest of the members are in the back and it looks as if they tried to split the group in half in the back. So 3 members, Erina, Mizuki and Sayu on one side and on the other is Risa, Aika and Kanon. Ai and Reina are positioned together and both their hair color stands out quite dramatically but Ai’s new hair style is fierce and looks fabulous.

Limited C  is hard to see since they all blend in with each other or the background. For example Reina laying down across the cover and then Riho in the front of her. Towards the end on the right bottom corner Reina’s shoes seem to be coming out of Riho’s body. Then Gaki, Mizuki and Kanon are a little to close and their outfits collide into each other. The only member who stands out here is Erina. Her outfit doesn’t fade into anyone else’s or the background.

They are also in shorts and have a large belt buckle on them. While the other members are in long sleeved outfits with a corset type outfit on. They are also in skirts and have a larger necklace than 9th gen. Even with this small difference in outfits they still look uniform and beautiful.

Overall the covers are elegant, beautiful and bright. It somewhat hints that the PV might be using the same color scheme and hopefully that will be released soon too.

Please support Morning Musume and purchase a copy when it’s released on 6/15.

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