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Sunday, July 3, 2011

HANGRY&ANGRY – “Reconquista” PV Released

The full PV for HANGRY&ANGRY’s new single titled Reconquista has been released.

For the most part HANGRY&ANGRY are known for their heavy rock songs, but this new single seems to lean into the techno rock genre since the guitars are not that heavy and the instrumental has a danceable techno sound, and even though they seemed to have changed their sound a bit, the song is good since it has a catchy rock sound that’s unique to them.

As for the PV, it’s full of many different and interesting shots, such as the beginning of the PV which features Yossie and Rika in a net after which we get to see many scenes such as them being held up by red and blue strings as well as the white fence where they both sing with read and blue megaphones covered in “HANGRY&ANGRY”.

The marionette theme they used is pretty unique and one of the main points of the PV, and like their image there are many black and white lights during the scenes which contrast perfectly.

After the bridge of the song we get to see another shot where Yossie and Rika stand underneath white neon lights in complete darkness while the camera circles around them, and to complete the PV we get to see some scissors cut the strings that held them, which go well with the theme of the song since they seem to be “reconquering ” their freedom.

Hopefully everyone can buy the single on iTunes since it is a great song to add to any Yossie and Rika fan’s collection.

The song is already available on iTunes but there will be a CD release on 8/10.

source from sayunii

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