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Saturday, July 9, 2011

HQ Covers For S/mileage’s “Uchoten LOVE” Released


Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

Limited D

HQ covers for S/mileage’s 6th single titled Uchoten LOVE have been released.

It’s great to see that HQ covers have already been released since it gives us a chance to see what each one looks like in detail, and each cover looks since they each have a different theme and look that many fans will love.

The regular cover is simply S/mileage sitting on a bench with their arms toward the camera, and while it might be somewhat simpler than the rest of the covers it looks amazing since it shows of each member in a simple but cute theme with the title of the single clearly in view.

The Limited A cover features the members in front of a chalkboard full of drawings with the title in a chalkboard font, and while Kanon’s pose might be a bit dangerous the cover is still pretty amazing since it has a unique school theme, and although the chair on the floor distracts a bit it is a perfect cover since the drawings on the board and the few drawings drawn around the cover look amazing.

The Limited B has a purikara theme that many fans are used to seeing in blogs, and while not as flashy as normal purikara pictures it does have a cute and bright theme with many hearts drawn on the sides along with the title of the single also in a similar bright neon look which makes the cover look amazing as well.

The Limited C cover features a similar font for the title as the Limited B but in different colors, although the layout of the cover is unique since it features all of the members in a clockwise pattern around the title with a background full of makeup and accessories, and like the other covers it sets itself apart with a unique theme as that looks impressive.

The Limited D cover is a bit simpler than the regular since it shows off the same chalkboard as the Limited A cover but with a school picture look to it where the members are posing in orderly poses in seifukus, and while not as impressive as the others it does look pretty good since it conserves the school theme with a cute look.

The release date is set for 8/6.

source from sayunii

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