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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

S/mileage – “Uchoten LOVE” PV Released

The full PV for S/mileage’s 6th single titled Uchoten LOVE has been released.

There are a ton of scenes in this PV, and it seems that there are about 3 basic scenes with many shots for each one: the stage with a heart shaped balloon disco ball and a giant “LOVE” sign in the back, a purikara styled booth, and a white classroom set with four desks.

The main shot of the PV would have to be focused on the stage since that’s where the dance shot is done, and along with the cute dance shot we also get to see all of the S/mileage members singing into a gem covered microphone while having fun and randomly doing poses along with the music, and with the many heart shaped balloons it really made the shot one of the best from the PV since we saw everyone and they all got a chance to appear on the camera.

The purikara styled shot was somewhat simple since it showed off a solid colored background and not many other things but it was a cute addition since it relates to the cute school theme from the other shots of the PV as well as the covers of the singles, and with the cute gems floating around in the form of a frame it really made the shot seem a bit more like an actual purikara.

The school themed shot features a lot of shots, for example the sideways shot of the members sitting in the desks, a solo shot of Ogawa with a pencil on her lip, Maeda sleeping, Kanon coloring, and Wada reading, as well as a shot of the members standing in a line with the lyrics of the song appearing on the right of the screen, and it was a great addition to the PV since it made the school theme from the covers seem a bit more realistic.

Apart from the shots mentioned here there are still many more since there was also the usual close-up shot, a really close close-up shot, S/mileage appearing in both the school and single outfits for the purikara shot, along with a kaleidoscope styled effect during one part of the PV to name just a few, which is perfect since it gives the PV a lot of variety while matching the upbeat and happy sound of the song.

The release date is set for 8/3.

source from sayunii

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