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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hello! Project holds release event for “Hello! Channel vol.5″

On August 19th, a release event for Hello! Project’s new mook (magazine-book) series, “Hello! Channel vol. 5“, was held at Fukuya Bookstore in Shinjuku Subnard.

The idols who attended included Morning Musume’s Suzuki Kanon and Ikuta Erina, Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako and Sudou Maasa, C-ute’s Hagiwara Mai, and S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon. They each shook the fans’ hands one by one, and shared their feelings on Takahashi Ai, who will be graduating from Morning Musume in less than a month.

The girls say they have already started shooting for the new edition, “Hello! Channel vol. 6 (Morning Musume Takahashi Ai Sotsugyou Kinen Special)“. They livened up the press conference before the event by sharing stories from their shoot.

Sugaya Risako
Sugaya, who went to Atami with C-ute’s Suzuki Airi for the shoot, said, “It was fun because it felt like we went on a trip together! With Airi, I don’t have to hold back, so it’s good.After spending a long time together, Sugaya discovered that “Airi is ‘natural’.

The next issue will be Takahashi’s last time to appear on “Hello! Channel” as a Hello! Project member. The members commented on their ’senpai’ saying: (Sudou) ”Her expressive power is abundant,” (Sugaya) “Her cuteness, her coolness, her playfulness, her sexiness. She’s amazing because she’s able to show different expressions,” (Hagiwara) “Her interior is amazing as well. The way she thinks is mature.

Ikuta Erina
Ikuta and Suzuki, who just joined Morning Musume this year, stated, “I want to learn many things while Takahashi-san is still here,‘ and “It hasn’t hit me yet, but I want to talk to Takahashi-san as much as possible.

Meanwhile, S/mileage’s Fukuda shared her feelings about the new members’ saying, “I was worried at first, but the new members are attached to us like animals, it’s cute.

Source: Oricon + tokyohive

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