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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Michishige Sayumi To Voice A Character In An MMO Titled “Dragon Nest”

Morning Musume's member,  Michishige Sayumi attended a convention for an MMO RPG game titled Dragon Nest where she cosplayed as a character she will voice called Harori.

The description of the character is that she’s an “Idol God” which is a pretty impressive description since it really gives her character an amazing look, and while we haven’t seen any other images of the character apart from the cardboard cutout at the event. 

If anyone is curious as to how the character will sound then please check out the Hangame link at the bottom of the post and click the pink button so you can hear a sample of Sayu introducing herself to everyone in her character’s voice (which not surprisingly sounds almost exactly like her normal voice).

According to the GirlsNews report the new character will be available by 8/24.

source from sayunii

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