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Sunday, September 4, 2011

S/mileage Sub-Members Open Official Ameblo Blog

The official blog of the S/mileage Sub-Members have been opened!

So far nothing has been posted and the blog has been opened for a few hours now so hopefully we’ll get some sort of introduction from the members. It's good for the sub-members to have a blog since it provides as a communication channel for the fans to get to know them and see what they’re doing from day to day. They probably won’t be able to post much since looking at their schedule they’re quite busy but hopefully they’re able to post once in awhile to let fans know what’s going on.

The blog itself is decorated with a very simple header of the members. It has the “S/mileage elegant feel” to it by the font and the border design on the top sides. The header is mainly white with some pink added in and there’s a picture of each sub-member with their name placed underneath it.

Hopefully we get some posts from them soon. 

Blog Page

source from sayunii

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