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Monday, January 2, 2012

Cover for S/mileage's “Chotomate Kudasai!” release


Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

Limited D

HQ covers for S/mileage’s 9th single titled Chotomate Kudasai! have been released.

Also, the c/w featured on all Limited Editions has been revealed to be titled Chance tourai (Chance coming).

Regular Edition features the girls sitting/standing on a bench with Meimi, Dawa and Kanon sitting down while Kana, Take-chan and Rina are standing behind, and since it’s the regular edition, it is the simplest out of them all, but the colorful sky behind them and the poses everyone is doing make it nonetheless special which should please everyone who purchases this edition.

Limited A is simple yet beautiful, featuring the girls standing by couples holding open umbrellas next to something similar to a bus sign, and the soft pink background with the title that doesn’t cover up any of the girls make this cover one of the best since it shows off the artist and the title of the single clearly with a glimpse of what could be included in the PV, so it’s definitely one of the best also thanks to everyone’s calm expressions.

Limited B on the other hand is more genki and freestyle than the others since the girls are all running towards the camera while doing various mimics which make this cover stand out, and even though the concept could have been executed better with a light background to put in advantage the colorful dresses, the idea is really original and everyone looks amazing, alongside the bus sign being present as well.

Limited C shows off S/mileage’s doll-like image with the girls standing in the same position like porcelaine dolls, each in her own color and each putting on a peaceful face expression, and  the whole cover screams cutesy and makes it a real eye-catcher.

Limited D is more dark than the other covers but it’s not less amazing since the girls are all gathered up in a close-up shot looking cuddly and cute with Dawa in the middle, and the small lights in the black background are really nice additions since it would have looked a little dull without them, and the title adds a punch of color needed in this cover to make it overall a very nice one.
The release date is set for 2/1. 

source from sayunii

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