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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Official Niigaki Risa Ameba Blog Opened

An official Niigaki Risa Ameba blog titled Risa! Risa! Risa! has been opened.

A new Gaki blog was a big surprise for many since she already has one on Oricon, but since her graduation will be pretty soon it seems like she might want to start off with a fresh new blog she will use to post about her life (the blog is under the UFA category so that might be why).

As for the name, it’s pretty catchy and very in line with her personality, and the picture of her with a doughnut is very cute, but the design of the blog’s background is somewhat hard on the eyes. The pink and black does match the one used for her blog header but hope she decides to change it to something a bit more easy to see.

The blog hasn’t been mentioned on her Oricon blog, but hopefully we get a confirmation soon, but for now please check out her new blog since she has been using it quite a lot lately!

source from sayunii

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