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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Producer Tsunku♂ comment about Morning Musume and upcoming single "One・Two・Three/The Matenrou Show" (translation)

Morning Musume’s single “One・Two・Three/The Matenrou Show” on sale 7/4
Tsunku♂ Comments: “One・Two・Three / The Matenrou Show”

This is the first single since the graduation of Niigaki and Mitsui, but it’s also the 50th single since Morning Musume’s major debut.

When they debuted I didn’t think that I would continue to make as many as 50 singles, but now that I’ve come this far I want to aim for 100! That desire has started to come out, but I also feel that I want to make the 50th single a success! And with those feelings I made this single.

Especially for this double A-side single, I really put a lot of energy into it.

The first track is “One・Two・Three”

This time I worked on the song right up until the last minute, but I needed the time. I had decided on a theme, but I just couldn’t get close to the image I wanted. I’d write it, then get rid of it, then write another version. I challenged myself over and over, and finally this style song came to be. The main character in the lyrics is a brave but reserved girl. She wants to do various things for the person she likes, but she’s a shy person who can’t say those things. But still, her heart is strong, and she is a reliable girl who has love for both him and herself.

The reason I wrote this song in this style is that I wanted to create a song that would represent each of these 10 members faces (voices), and there aren’t many sentences left to just one person, the lines are distributed so that all ten members have a place to stand out.

You might be surprised at how short the phrases are, but the voices flow together in such a way that they don’t feel out of place, and it changes so well that even out of place parts don’t feel out of place, and I think it came out sounding good.

I also used effects on their voices without hesitation.

It might be pretty dificult to perfectly recreate the song in live versions, but this time I thought of the finished work more than anything.

The group is taking on the challenge of a pretty high level dance. The 9th and 10th generation members have only been in the group for about a year, so they might not look like pro dancers, But the current Morning Musume is all about dancing with their current EXP Level (100% every day).

I’m confident that this 50th single will cause yet another new Morning Musume to emerge.

As for the other a-side, “The Matenrou Show”

It’s the ultimate in funky music. It’s strongly reminicent of a dance classic, but this speed, this melody, this rhythm, this funk style*, the timbre, the mixdown… They’re all put together in the latest style, and also the “Tsunku♂ style.”

This is just my opinion, but I don’t think many composers write songs like this, and I made it thinking that it was kind of my specialty. At any rate, I love this kind of dance music.

With this kind of funky song experience means everything, so for the members lacking dance experience, this is a pretty big hurdle, but I’d like them to overcome it.

Tanaka and Sayashi are the main singers, but of course everyone is participating!

It expresses “love” elegantly and beautifully. I wrote lyrics that convey a love that is bursting into flames at this moment.

The coupling tracks are as follows.

[Limited A and B] “Watashi no Jidai! / Morning Musume Rokkies” [My Era!]
A song featuring the 6th generation members Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina. As their senpai have graduated, it has the meaning “It’s finally here! My era!” but I also used the image of Morning Musume as a whole thinking “Our era is heeeere!” so I had these girls who are currently the most senior sing it. It’s a song for just the two of them, but at the next New Years Hello! Project concert I’d like to have everyone sing it.
After becoming leader Michishige has suddenly become reliable, and her singing has also suddenly improved. Tanaka has always had largely had the image of being like “me, me” but I think she’s finally become able to see herself as part of a whole, so this became a song that really shows those things.

It’s sung by the 6th generation so I gave them the name “Rokkies”

[Limited C and D] “Aisaretai no ni… / Morning Musume Qki”  [I want to be loved but...]
I gave the 9th generation a cool song. I’d like to completely wipe away their “children~” image and have them aim upwards, so I gave them a little bit of a difficult challenge.

The whispered “Aisaretai no ni” is cool, and I think they sang the minor key in the chorus in a cool way.

Fukumura has suddenly become reliable. Each time I give her a song, she writes a report in order to understand the song.
Ikuta says she’s aiming to be the ultimate KY!** but she’s really settled down. Since the 10th generation joined, I think she’s become even more girlish.
Even during the MCs, Suzuki is always relaxed. I don’t think there has ever been a member in Morning Musume history who was able to be this relaxed every day.
Sayashi has a strong sense of obligation, and her dance and singing skills are currently improving in leaps and bounds. Now I’d like her to adapt some softness and a rock spirit.

Because they’re the 9th generation [Kyuki], and it was used in Sharan Q, I gave them the name Qki.

[Limited E and F] “Seishun Domannaka / Morning Musume Tenkigumi” [Right in the middle of our youth]
I threw in a super energetic song. This is the first time the 10th generation has had a song with just the four of them, so they’re really happy.

While looking at the faces of these girls right in the middle of their youth, I created this. I guess you would call that the goal.

I don’t know if they actually ride the bus to commute to school, but while they live the life of Morning Musume as if they went to a girls’ school, they meet a delightful boy they are a little interested in. They didn’t mean to make a declaration of love, and they thought they were yet to fall in love. But something happened.

The boy is pretty blunt, but he’s somehow a good guy. I tried to write about what happens with him in about 10 minutes.

The rhythm has a lot of bounce to it so it was harder for them to sing than it sounds, but they sang with lots of energy.

Iikubo’s comments are always funny. She answers every question in her own way. I’d like her to keep this character aaall the time, even while singing or acting.

Ishida is really working on her dancing every day without fail. Now I’d like her to gain the singing and rhythm skills of an ace.

Kudou looks more grown up with her short haircut. Her facial features are really strong. I think if she gains some confidence her dance and singing and expressions will suddenly change.

Satou is the type that’s so good at getting people to spoil her, that even though when she’s goofing off she’s really bad about it, her senpai and the staff will all say “Well, that’s just how Satou is.” But the time has come for her to change her way of thinking. While she keeps the spoilt-child character, as the lyrics go, I want her to forestall other members and to be conspicuous.

The 10th generation is “TEN” so I made then the “Tenkigumi”!

So, there are lots of songs on this single, which Ver. do you all prefer?


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