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Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday To The New Leader, Michishige Sayumi

Today, 13 July 2012, is the special day for Morning Musume's fans because Morning Musume's new leader, Michishige Sayumi turned 23 years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAYU!!!. USA-CHAN PEACE!!! (her 'well known' catchphrase). Whatever you do this year, please done it 'cutely'. =)

Translation from her blog:

Good eveniiing~★

The day has changed and now it’s 7/13, Michishige Sayumi’s birthday. (ノ∇〃 )
I’ve turned 23.  

I joined Morning Musume when I was 13, so it’s been about 10 years since I joined Morning Musume!!!!

The only member left from that time is my fellow generation member Reina, but I’m truly happy to have so many cute juniors. (*^o^*)
Also, I’ve become the current leader of Morning Musume!
13 year old Sayumi wouldn’t have been able to imagine it,
but now I’m truly grateful from the bottom of my heart to not only be a member of my beloved Morning Musume, but also its leader.

To be honest, each day I’ve had a lot to think about since I became leader…

But now I’ve decided to do my best in my own way.
Sayumi has lots of seniors she can respect,
lots of seriously adorable juniors,
and the strong-hearted Reina from my own generation!

Also, to all of the fans who always support Sayumi!!
Thank you so much for everything!

To the people who have always stood by Michishige,
and the people who were led astray by the younger girls but came back to Michishige in the end,
and even those who left for the younger girls and just said goodbye to Michishige,
and even the people who ignore Michishige,
I love all of the fans of Morning Musume.  

I love those who stick by Michishige even more. lol

The photos are from after today’s rehearsal. From the left, RihoRiho, Maa-chan, Fuku-chan, and Ayumin. (*≧▽≦)
They’re really all so cute!!!!
I’m glad everyone is here with me!
I kind of like Ayumin in the third one (lol)♪

Also, this year the first person to say “Happy Birthday” to Sayumi was…
Kamei Eri-chan~♪
Even though we’re apart we’ll always be best friends. ( *´艸`)♪
Well, she was about 7 hours early though. (lol)
It’s so like Eri to be early.
And 7 hours early at that… (lol)

The first person to congratulate me not early, right at midnight was
Tanaka Reina-chan♪         
Reina wrote looots of great stuff that made me happy in her text!
Right now I’m getting texts one after another from the members, I’m so happy. ( *´艸`)

Also, All of my family! Sera included, I love eeeeveryone. (ノ∇〃 )
I’m glad Sayumi’s family was Sayumi’s family! ←Do you get what I mean? (lol)
Putting it into words like this,
I’ve realized again that Sayumi has a lot of people around her giving her support!

I’ll continue to do my best at age 23 and from now on!!!!  

Please continue to support Michishige Sayumi and Morning Musume. 。+゜(*´∀`*)゜+。。*゜゜

Michishige Sayumi's blog, Translation

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