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Friday, March 18, 2011

More C-ute – “Chou WONDERFUL! 6″ Previews Released

More previews for C-ute’s 6th album titled Chou WONDERFUL! 6 have been released.

There were three previews released in the past few days so I strongly encourage C-ute fans who haven’t decided whether or not to buy the album to listen to the previews since they give a good idea of what to expect from the album (since they are the last three previews for the new songs).

Rururururu (Suzuki Airi Lead)

The vocals are pretty impressive since the calm instrumental shows off everyone’s range, and while I liked the way everyone sang I didn’t like the song itself that much since the only time the beat or style changes are when Airi sings “Ru ru ru ru ru ru” before a guitar solo during the bridge of the song, but despite that it is a decent song that some fans will like.

Wakaretakunai… (Okai Chisato Lead)

The song has a synthesizer instrumental with a calm somewhat R&B styled sound that shows off everyone’s voices well since there aren’t that many instruments in the background, and even though the style is a bit too slow for me I really enjoyed the sound of everyone’s voices as well as the instruments that gave the song a consistent and catchy beat.

The vocals were pretty impressive since every member matched the feeling of the song well, and since the song seems to be a bit mature than I have heard from them it really does a good job of showing off every member’s vocal along with a catchy R&B styled beat.

Circle (Hagiwara Mai Lead)

This preview isn’t as good quality as the other previews but it does a good job of showing off the sound of the song since we can heard the instrumental and the vocals pretty well (apart from Mai talking over the song promoting C-ute’s future events) and for the most part it follows the theme of the other songs with a slow but mature styled song with great vocals.

The song isn’t as catchy as Wakaretakunai… but it is pretty good when compared to Rururururu since the beat changes after the Mai intro and it has a few vocal effects as well, but it isn’t as catchy since it follows the same sound over and over again (solo/group line then 2 echoes of the last word) although it is still a good addition to the album.

Overall the previews each had their own sounds and themes but the main theme seems to be of a mature styled sound with slower beats, which most fans will most likely find interesting since it shows of each member of C-ute’s vocals pretty well.

These are the last previews for the new songs from the album, which means that every song has a preview now and most fans have already made up their minds about buying this album or not, but I strongly encourage everyone to at least buy the tracks from iTunes since this album is overall a great release.

Since the album was postponed due to the earthquake and tsunami we don’t have a clear idea when the album might be released.

The release date hasn’t been set. 

source from sayunii

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