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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning Musume – “Only You” PV Released

The full PV for Morning Musume’s 46th single titled Only You has been released.

The PV’s setting for both the 2 dance shots and the special scene where the girls are sitting in chairs surrounded by accessories take place in a same white room with many diamond pillars and a patterned floor, and I really like how they played with the lightning sometimes with the lights off since it adds a special touch to the PV.

The most notable scenes are: the 2 dance shot versions, the first red one where the camera is stable and the second white one where there is different camera angles, the close-up shot where the girls sing against a wonderful blue diamond that swirls with sparkles, a special shot where they are all sitting looking sad in chairs in the red-lighted room during the instrumental then singing their lines in a different camera angle with pink diamonds effects and candles next to them.

Hopefully everyone can watch it and support Morning Musume by reserving a copy.

The release date is set for 6/15.

source from sayunii

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