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Monday, May 30, 2011

Official Mano Erina Facebook Page Opened

Mano Erina has opened up a Facebook page.

A few months ago C-ute opened up their own Facebook page, so it was expected that we would see one open for another H!P group sometime soon, so I’m very happy to see that Mano got a chance to open up her own since she is among the most talented members in H!P.

So far the page has about a dozen images or so, but we should see plenty more once promotion for her single starts, and since she (most likely her manager) seems to uploading plenty of images from her concert we should see some great exclusive images on her page from her many events.

Apart from the rapidly increasing “people like this” counter there are some interesting notes,  as well as other details about her current events, such as her concert tour and her upcoming single My Days For You. 

It’s not a normal Facebook page (it’s a musician page, like the one for C-ute) but it is a great sign that H!P and UFA are finally using popular sites to promote their artists, and while there are only two official H!P groups/artists on Facebook I hope we get to see more sometime soon so that fans all over the world can post messages in support of their favorite H!P artist.

source from sayunii

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