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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wakuteka Take a Chance Profile Q/A (part 3/5)

Q21. What’s your weakness?

Michishige Sayumi: I blurt out what’s bad about a person.
Tanaka Reina: I pay too much attention to various things. (People don’t see me that way, though (-_-) )
Fukumura Mizuki: I don’t have self-confidence
Ikuta Erina: Being selfish
Sayashi Riho: The degree to which I can get sad is terrible…
Suzuki Kanon: I have a short temper
Iikubo Haruna: I’m easily moved to tears
Ishida Ayumi: I can’t kindly show concern for people
Sato Masaki: I’m selfish
Kudo Haruka: My tone of voice turns harsh fast!

Q22. Please tell us your favorite phrase.

Michishige Sayumi: “Cuuuute~~” “It’s totally fine!!”
Tanaka Reina: “That’s hilarious.” Even if it’s not funny, if you just say “That’s hilarious” it’s gonna be ok. lol
Fukumura Mizuki: “Mizuki too~”
Ikuta Erina: Ahhh Ne! – What?
Sayashi Riho: Hyahho~i ♪( ´θ`)ノ
Suzuki Kanon: The dialect “damon de~” (a sentence ending for emphasis)
Iikubo Haruna: “You” “Yes, that’s right” “That’s true”
Ishida Ayumi: Even if I say so myself…
Sato Masaki: Yay~
Kudo Haruka: Haru

Q23. What’s something that you think you’ve improved on since joining Morning Musume?

Michishige Sayumi: I’ve gotten better at talking↑↑
Tanaka Reina: I’ve become able to greet anyone without getting embarrassed ↑↑
Fukumura Mizuki: My heart and mind have grown!
Ikuta Erina: Dancing, my dance teacher said the same thing
Sayashi Riho: I realized the importance of practice!
Suzuki Kanon: I’ve become quiet (lol)
Iikubo Haruna: I’ve gotten faster at memorizing dance moves.
Ishida Ayumi: That my competitiveness has increased
Sato Masaki: That I’ve come to be told, “Your characters are so pretty!!”
Kudo Haruka: My personality! I feel like I’ve matured. (?)

Q24. Please tell us one thing that surprised you after joining Morning Musume.

Michishige Sayumi: The Morning Musume members’ faces when they’re not smiling
Tanaka Reina: It’s not all fun and games.
Fukumura Mizuki: My seniors are so thoughtful towards the members, I was moved.
Ikuta Erina: You have to do your own make up
Sayashi Riho: My daily luggage got heavier!
Suzuki Kanon: Memorizing however many songs in 1 day when we’re doing concerts
Iikubo Haruna: Michishige-san and Tanaka-san are truly good and kind people!
Ishida Ayumi: That I don’t have just singing work, but lots of magazine work as well.
Sato Masaki: I’ve become able to wear high heels since I joined Morning Musume
Kudo Haruka: Everyone is short. I’m not one to talk, though. (*sweat*)

Q25. What challenge do you want to take on?

Michishige Sayumi: Bake bread
Tanaka Reina: Song lyrics ↑↑
Fukumura Mizuki: I want to plan something on my own. Up to now, I’ve been scared of being by myself, but now my desire to be in front is stronger.
Ikuta Erina: I want to be in the Guinness book of world records
Sayashi Riho: Making food samples!
Suzuki Kanon: A trip to Brazil!
Iikubo Haruna: I want to do any kind of job.
Ishida Ayumi: I want to do a stage play!
Sato Masaki: I want to try growing out my hair in the back while keeping my bangs the same
Kudo Haruka: Bungee jump, doing my nails, dye my hair

Q26. What are you into right now?

Michishige Sayumi: Making smoothies and shakes using a mixer♪
Tanaka Reina: Eating yogurt everyday ↑↑
Fukumura Mizuki: Styling hair, which I’m bad at lol. Collecting merry-go-round goods
Ikuta Erina: Collecting Niigaki-san’s goods
Sayashi Riho: Golden Eggs!
Suzuki Kanon: 1 person karaoke ♪ I can be there for however many hours ☆
Iikubo Haruna: Looking for cute fashion items.
Ishida Ayumi: An app game called Mogumon
Sato Masaki: Doing funny faces with the 10th gen members.
Kudo Haruka: ONE PIECE. I’ll always be into it (lol)

Q27. Which Hello!Project song do you like? (And the reasons)

Michishige Sayumi: Uchouten LOVE/Smileage. It’s cute and gets me excited. The MV is also cute and I love it
Tanaka Reina: “Daite yo! Please Go On” ♪. I love Goto-san, and it’s the song that gets me excited the most at concerts!!!
Fukumura Mizuki: “Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun” (The song that I’m recently into) The song is very moving, and each and every member’s voice can be heard clearly. I think the chorus is also a message to the current Morning Musume.
Ikuta Erina: Niigaki-san and Takahashi-san’s “Kono Ai wo Kasanete”. Reasons are, when I hear it, it makes me want to be able to sing that well
Sayashi Riho: Kimagure Princess/Morning Musume. I definitely want to recommend it to people who don’t know Morning Musume!
Suzuki Kanon: Yaruki! IT’S EASY (when I don’t have any energy, it makes me able to think, “It’s all right!”)
Iikubo Haruna: “Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai darou?” The lyrics are too good!
Ishida Ayumi: ℃-ute-san’s “Aitai Aitai Aitai na”. Watching the concert, I was moved by ℃-ute-san’s coolness and sexiness.
Sato Masaki: Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onnanoko
Kudo Haruka: ℃-ute-san’s “Bokura no Kagayaki”

Q28. What’s your favorite food?

Michishige Sayumi: My mom’s mentaiko spaghetti
Tanaka Reina: Sweets♪
Fukumura Mizuki: Coconut milk, tapioca, aloe ♪
Ikuta Erina: Strawberries and Ham
Sayashi Riho: Peaches
Suzuki Kanon: Tofu. I especially like it with sesame in it as well ☆
Iikubo Haruna: It’s ramen.
Ishida Ayumi: Watermelon, and Ramune treats
Sato Masaki: Biwa
Kudo Haruka: pineapple, meat, croissants

Q29. What’s your favorite drink?

Michishige Sayumi: Green tea
Tanaka Reina: jasmine tea and yogurt drinks (^^)
Fukumura Mizuki: Acai soy milk, water
Ikuta Erina: Strawberry Juice
Sayashi Riho: Cider!!! This question was made for me, wasn’t it?!!!!
Suzuki Kanon: Tapioca
Iikubo Haruna: It’s ginger ale.
Ishida Ayumi: Tapioca royal milk tea, and fresh juice they have in Sendai
Sato Masaki: Water and tea
Kudo Haruka: lemon tea, cola, barley tea

Q30. Are you good at cooking? If so, what’s your specialty?

Michishige Sayumi: Shrimp and vegetable fritter rice bowl
Tanaka Reina: Nope
Fukumura Mizuki: I like it! I’ve only made it once, but meat and potato stew
Ikuta Erina: I’m not good, but I like cooking. I can make delicious Gratin
Sayashi Riho: I’m limited to tamagoyaki
Suzuki Kanon: I’m good at making cookies. I made some for Valentine’s last year!
Iikubo Haruna: Lately, I haven’t cooked at all. Pork fried with ginger.
Ishida Ayumi: I expected I could do it if I tried! ←
Sato Masaki: No
Kudo Haruka: cup ramen, onigiri (salt)

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