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Monday, June 27, 2011

Berryz Koubou’s 27th Single Titled “Aa, Yoru ga Akeru”

The title for Berryz Koubou’s 27th single has been revealed to be Aa, Yoru ga Akeru (Eng: Aa, Break of Dawn).

The title was revealed at a recent event and it was later confirmed on Shimizu Saki’s blog.

It’s great to see that Captain confirmed the title for all Berryz fans on her blog since it seems that her blog is the only confirmation of the title so far, and while we haven’t seen the confirmation from the H!P site it seems that this will be the title for sure since Captain has mentioned it quite a lot in the past few days, most recently in a post about how they just finished shooting the PV for it.

The title means something along the lines of Aa, Break of Dawn, and while it doesn’t point to a specific genre it seems to lean towards the ballad area, but since we have no preview and most of Tsunku’s songs are hard to specify before a preview we will have to wait until the song is performed in a concert or when a radio preview is released.

The single will be released in early August so most likely we will get a preview sometime in early to mid July, so hopefully all Berryz Koubou fans have their copies of the single reserved.

As mentioned before the title hasn’t been confirmed by the official H!P site or by other sites such as CDJapan or Neowing but since it was revealed on Captain’s blog and she has mentioned it quite a lot it’s most likely the title for sure.

The release date is set for 8/10.

source from sayunii

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