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Saturday, June 11, 2011

C-ute’s 6/18 Concert To Be Streamed Live On YouTube

The announcement that Airi announced some while ago was revealed by all C-ute members to be the live stream of their Chou! Wonderful concert on 6/18 live on YouTube.

YouTube’s Live streaming isn’t quite popular since it’s a new feature, and from what people are saying, C-ute is going to be the first ever Japanese group to stream their concert live on YouTube, and between the 10 first artists internationally to do so (after very well known artists such as Alicia Keys and many others).

YouTube is definitely better for C-ute in many ways: people usually tend to pass their free time browsing videos on YouTube so they might get interested; since it’s a new feature, it will be some of the most important videos of the day (most probably it will be featured on the main page) where everyone can see it and would want to see it by curiosity.

Apart from the many C-ute fans who will enjoy to watch it live on a popular site like YouTube, I’m happy that UFA took it a step further by quickly reserving a live stream for C-ute with this new feature since it will definitely get people’s attention and hopefully get C-ute many new fans.

The live stream will be on 6/18, starting at 15:00 JST.

You can watch the announcement from the girls below and hopefully everyone can get in time to watch it!

source from sayunii

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