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Friday, December 30, 2011

‘Liar Game -Reborn-’ releases full trailer

It was announced that a new “Liar Game” movie called “Liar Game -Saisei-” (-Reborn-), starring Matsuda Shota and Tabe Mikako, will be opening in Japan on March 3rd, 2012.

Recently, the official site of the movie was updated with a full-length trailer. It gives us a nice first look at the new intense game, ‘Musical Chairs’, as well as familiar and new character, including Matsuda as the protagonist – Akiyama Shinichi – and Tabe as the new heroine – Shinomiya Yu.

Other characters are played by Suzuki Kosuke (as the peculiar Fukunaga ‘Kinoko’ Yuji), Funakoshi Eiichiro (cult leader), the two ‘Liar Game Officials’ Ashida Mana and Esumi Makiko, and many more.

In a recent news, it was also announced that Nakata Yasutaka is once again going to be responsible for the emphatic soundtrack of the movie.

Check out the trailer below!

source from tokyohive

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