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Saturday, June 11, 2011

[Jdorama] Liar Game ライアーゲーム

Personal rating: ★★★★★


Do you think you could lie about anything for 100 million yen? That's the question you would ask yourself if you ever participate in this mysterious game called Liar Game. You have to beat your opponent; otherwise you'll be in debt. An ordinary college student, Nao Kanzaki  is suddenly pulled into this crazy game where you compete how well you can lie. She's too honest to win such game, but with the aide by a genius con artist, she survives each tournament. So many lies and so many betrayals. You'd be shocked how ugly people could be when it comes to greed. But she never loses her faith in people. In this suspenseful drama, we experience the same desperation, frustration and hope that this young girl goes through as the true motive of the game is being revealed.

Toda Erika - Kanzaki Nao

Matsuda Shota - Shinichi Akiyama

Kichise Michiko - Eri

Watanabe Ikkei - Tanimura Mitsuo

Suzuki Kosuke - Fukunaga Yuji

Kitamura Soichiro - Fujisawa Kazuo

Morishita Yoshiyuki - Shichida Yasufumi


Otaka Hiroo - Kida Noriyuki
Ippongi Shingo - Makita Tomoyuki
Sakamoto Makoto - Ono Wataru
Yoshimura Tamao - Iimura Junko 
Kitahara Hitomi - Nakaya Kazuko
Fukui Tomonobu - Kanzaki Tadashi


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