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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

“JIN 2″ ends with an average viewer rating of 26.1%!

On June 26th, the popular drama “JIN 2” ended its run with an average viewing rating of 26.1%!

Last year, the last episode of “JIN” achieved a high viewer average rating of 25.3% and received second place in the “Drama Annual Ratings TOP 10”. The last episode of “JIN 2″ topped itself with an impressive viewer rating of 31.7%, proving the series’ immense popularity once again.

From the beginning, this sequel has been garnering attention from viewers and thge press, as it was to conclude the loose ends from the first series. “JIN 2″ also won first place in a landslide victory on Oricon’s recent poll for highly anticipated spring dramas, and debuted with a 23.7% viewer rating on the first episode.

Both the cast and staff felt an overwhelming amount of pressure from the public, but they managed to keep viewer ratings above 20% for all the episodes in the Kanto region of Japan. Even though this year is commonly referred to as ‘Drama Ice Age’ by those in the industry, the series is said to have achieved its perfection with its high viewer rating.

The drama was adapted from the popular manga of the same name written by Murakami Motoka, which has now sold approximately around 680,000 copies. The series revolves around a surgeon by the name of Minakata Jin, who time slips back in Edo period and – stripped of his advanced medical equipment – finds the value of ‘life’. In the second season, he continues as a doctor in the last years of the Edo period and meets famous historical heros such as Sakamoto Ryoma.

Source + Image: Oricon News & tokyohive

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