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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Buono! – “Natsu DAKARA!” PV Released

The full PV for Buono’s 12th single titled Natsu DAKARA! has been released.

Since the song seems to have a soft 70′s ballad sound to it many fans were disappointed since Buono seems to have moved from their happy rock sound to a more calmer idol sound, but all groups regardless of genre have a ballad release so despite it being such a different release,  it's good to see that UFA managed to put such an amazing PV together for it.

There is a very noticeable focus on Airi during most of the PV, specifically during the bridge of the song where she talks in an Ishikawa styled solo while the song plays, as well a few other shots, but the song itself had quite a few Airi solo lines so it’s not exactly due to the PV editors or Airi since she didn’t choose to sing those lines, and while the other members did get many shots, hope UFA don’t start to focus on one member more than the others since they have a tendency to do that.

Despite that the PV is full of many amazing shots where all of the members get a great chance to appear, and along with the beautiful garden shots and the many other solo shots of each member this PV is one of the best since it matches the soft and cute sound of the song.

The release date is set for 7/20.

source from sayunii

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