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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Morning Musume, Buono! and S/mileage On J-Melo

Morning Musume, Buono!, and S/mileage are all set to appear on the J-Melo show.

J-MELO Female Idol Special
Collaborations with
• Nippon Broadcasting System’s “Mu-comi Plus” radio show
Guests: Haruko Momoi, Yui Makino, S/mileage
Exclusive Messages: DiVa, Morning Musume
Artists: Buono!, SCANDAL

World 8/1
1. “Cry” / DiVA
2. “Only you” / Morning Musume。

3. “Uchouten Love” (Ecstatic Love) / S/mileage

4. “Mirai No Hitomi Wo Hiraku Toki” (When We Open Our Eyes in the Future) / Yui Makino

NHK is a tv program that promotes Japan and its culture and it’s all in English, so fans who don’t understand Japanese can enjoy the show without having to figure out what going on, but not sure if NHK Wonderland is the same but from the website it looks the same.

It's great that all of them will be featured on this show since it’s good promotion for all of them. Though from the categories they’re placed in it feels as though Buono will be there to promote their single, Morning Musume will be there to perform a song and they have a special message and S/mileage will be there as special judges or commentary.

The show is set to air on 8/1.

source from sayunii

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