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Friday, November 4, 2011

Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi reveals her secret to “cuteness”

On November 3rd, Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi held a release event for her new photobook, “Sayuminglandoll“.

The photobook features shots of Michishige in costume as Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, a bunny girl, and a Barbie doll. Michishige exclaimed, “Out of 100 points, I give it 200!” She then praised herself by saying, “I became cute by cosplaying, so my cute appeal expanded [further]. My confidence has grown even more.

Michishige revealed that she became more active in content control for her 8th photobook. “Until now, I’ve done what the company told me to do, instead of what I wanted to do,” “This was the first time that I attended all the meetings, and I was able to make something that I really wanted. she mused.

The idol flashed a big smile when she reflected on how she wore wigs and costumes for her shots. “I thought that I was cute because I matched in everything. I’ve always liked cosplay, but was never able to go full-out like this, so I felt good taking the pictures.

With all this emphasis on her ‘cute’ appeal, curious reporters asked, “What is your secret in maintaining cuteness?” Michishige replied, “I’m already cute from the beginning, but if I’m forced to say it…  I eat a lot, sleep a lot, and laugh a lot. I’m sorry, I can’t give much advice.

Check out pictures from the event below.

Source: Oricon + tokyohive

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