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Friday, December 30, 2011

Cover for Morning Musume's “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra” release


Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

The covers for Morning Musume’s 48th single titled PyokoPyoko Ultra have been released.

The Regular version is probably the most normal of them all since it features a group shot of the members inside of a box with the title of the single in Katakana and Romaji. For the most part they made a wise choice for this release since it will be the primary version of the single that most of the average buyers see or decide to get. It might not be the most unique look of all of the covers but it shows off the theme of the song perfectly.

The Limited A version is the second and last normal looking cover of this release since it features the members posing with Katakana symbols to form the title of the song, with each member holding up at least one letter. I’m really glad to see that Kanon is holding up the Momusu sign since it definitely makes her stand out, although it’s great to see that everyone stands out in their own way.

The Limited B and C versions are the one’s that seems to stand out more due to the giant head theme they used for the members. Limited B fits really well with the outfits since the bird and clock look really combine well (cuckoo clock). The borders for the title of the song and the others are not that great since they seem like shards of glass, but other than that I liked how fun this cover looks.

Limited C features the same giant head and small body look but with the members in space. At first glance I didn’t really get it since it doesn’t have anything to do with chickens, but it’s a cute and nice way of showing of all of the members in great poses. The titles are written in what appears to be chalk so it’s a nice touch to add to the kid look of this release.

The release date is set for 1/25.

source from sayunii

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