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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cover for S/mileage's “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!” release


Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

Limited D

HQ Covers for S/mileage’s 8th single titled Please Miniskirt Postwoman! have been released.

Regular Edition might be the simplest out of them all since the white background makes it look a little plain, but they choose an entertaining setting of the girls writing messages on the cover as if it’s a mirror, and the title in gold alongside the balloons from the PV add up to make this cover really eye-catching, specially with Ayaka’s pose in the middle and everyone’s smiley faces.

Limited A is the regular montage cover that comes along all single releases, but it’s really well done for once since the main members are taking over the bottom of the cover while the new members are displayed on top, and with their red outfits, it makes it really hard to see any white color from the background which gives it a cool feeling of mixed white and red colors.

Limited B, the girls are all standing around a pink post box with the logo of their group on it, and they way everyone is cuddling up together near the center with some holding balloons and others letters make this the cutest out of them all.

Limited C cover is quite original since the members are all riding on blue bicycles while wearing their red outfits, and they reminded us of postman officers, and even though the title’s position looks a little tacky, the cover is overall really nice.

Limited D edition is really impressive since we get to see the girls riding on flying mops with a letter attached to balloons next to the title, and the way everyone is sitting and disposed on the cover really makes it stand out from the rest, even though not sure what this setting refers to…

The release date is set for 12/28.

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