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Monday, March 19, 2012

Producer Tsunku♂ comment about Morning Musume and upcoming single "Renai Hunter" (translation)

Morning Musume’s single “Renai Hunter” on sale 4/11

Tsunku♂ Comments   “Renai Hunter”

The second single since the 10th generation has joined, and Morning Musume’s 49th.
Also, this single is the last single
for Niigaki Risa who will graduate.

Even though I think this piece is “maybe a little early for the season”
I wanted to make a song that had a completely different feel from the popular previous work,
“Pyoco Pyoco Ultra,” so I created this.

Of course the new members have increased their skills as well, but I wanted this
to be a song that made Niigaki, who has grown the most, look cool.

To be honest, it’s the kind of sound that requires a dance skill that the early ~ middle Morning Musume wasn’t able to show,
and it demands a lot of the new members,
but lately there are various groups out there,
and everyone is getting used to dance music and dance,
so because people are looking for the next even more exciting thing! It turned out this way.

While making use of the phrase “Love Hunter”
I thought of the melody and lyrics as I thought about
the mental state of the current members, especially the hearts of the 9th and 10th generations,
and included a cheer for the current people of Japan.

The bass line is fairly complex and the low notes are intense.
It focuses mainly on the electronic sound, and the hook includes a strong sound.
Including the dance during the interlude, this song attacks with an expression never seen before.

Because it’s Niigaki’s graduation, she’s also very into it.
Lately she has been teaching her kouhai
through her actions rather than her words.

Michishige and Tanaka are aiming for the future,
but they are watching carefully over their kouhai.
Both Michishige and Taka said up until now “I’m not very good at dance”
but being motivated for various reasons, they’ve grown too.

Mitsui still can’t perform because her leg hasn’t quite recovered,
but she’s put full effort into her facial expressions in the PV and the recording.
I believe that soon she’ll be able to participate in the dance as well!

Regarding the 9th generation,
Fukumura is doing her best each day to work on her facial expressions.
She says herself “I’m the type who can’t really convey my smile,”
but I’d like her to express herself from her heart without thinking about those things.

Ikuta really heats up the people around her with her personality.
She sooths everyone with her cat-like smile.
She really has originality.

Sayashi’s singing power has rapidly grown in the last half of a year.
I think if she really focuses now, she’ll grow even more rapidly.

Suzuki has really elevated her dance skills.
She also has a bright personality, so she leads the 9th generation.

It feels like the 10th generation is just getting started! but,
Iikubo is doing her best as a pure character despite being the oldest.
She’s a girl that puts in a lot of effort.

Ishida said “I’m not as good at studying as I used to be” and
while I’d like her to be just as capable as she was at the time of her audition,
she’s come to be able to make good facial expressions (like being cheeky-in-a-good-way)
so I think she’s moved on from just being an honor student.

Satou sometimes really acts like an alien, but she’s not quite an Iida Kaori type,
she also has a reliable side so she’s like an “Adult-child-alien.”
She’s rapidly gotten better at dancing and singing, so I’m anticipating that she’ll grow even more.

Kudou recently has caught cold a lot recently and I’ve been worried,
but her big eyes leave an impression and lately her voice is becoming more womanly than when she was child,
so I think she’ll keep improving.

The MV these members made is super cool,
so please check it out!

The coupling track is called “Watashi ga Ite Kimi ga Iru.”
It’s an energetic song.
The new members all struggled to sing with their own nuance.
I think this song will create a good atmosphere at future concerts.

On the Niigaki version, the coupling track “Egao ni Namida ~THANK YOU! DEAR MY FRIENDS~” is also included.
Niigaki herself really likes this song even though it’s not a Morning Musume song,
and she listened to it a lot when she first joined Morning Musume,
so it seems she has a lot of memories associated with it.
She sings the song well.
Please listen closely right down to every breath.


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