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Saturday, May 19, 2012

[HOT] Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika Has Officially Graduated

Niigaki Risa, the 5th generation member with the longest tenure in the group, has officially graduated from Morning Musume and Hello! Project.

Mitsui Aika, the only remaining member of the 8th generation, has officially graduated from Morning Musume.

Nakajima Saki (C-ute member)
It’s Nakajima Saki.
Today I went to Morning Musume-san’s LIVE!
Niigaki-san, Aika, congrats on your graduations!
Graduation LIVEs are a sin, aren’t they.
My tears don’t stop!!
Moreover, I could see them sparkle even more than usual.
They’ve graduated, huh.
That’s incredible, it went by so quickly!
I look forward to the efforts of the 2 of them from now on as well!
You’ve worked hard!!!!!

Shimizu Saki (Berryz Koubou captain)
I went to see Morning Musume’s Niigaki Risa-san and Mitsui Aika-chan’s graduation live

I think Mittsi was really incredibly troubled…

Since I was watching her dance with just the upper part of her body from the wings of the Hello! concert, even though she’s not in the same group as me, it made me think about a lot.
Since Saki’s had times when my legs or feet have hurt as well, I wondered if I couldn’t help her out, but I think that Mittsi had it many times as tough, so I didn’t know whether it would be okay to say something to her…

Even though she had the frustration of not being able to perform with all her strength, Mittsi continued always working hard with a smile!!!

Even though she’s graduating Morning Musume, since we’ll still be working hard together as Hello! colleagues, and she’s full of spirit, although she’s not really talked to us about what she thinks, when we see each other I’d like her to talk to us soon
Mittsi’s smile today was even cuter than usual

Also, Niigaki-san.
This was true when Takahashi Ai-san graduated as well, but when I heard about Niigaki-san’s graduation, it was an incredible shock…

Niigaki-san would talk to us since we were in the Kids, and every time when we were together for Hello! concerts,
“How’ve you been lately?”
“What’s going on with Berryz?”
she’d say to me, and that actually made me incredibly happy!!

Niigaki-san watched over not just Morning Musume, but all of H!P
Since she can’t easily see us around very much, I admire Niigaki-san who makes me feel how tough that is!!!

With Niigaki-san graduating from H!P, worries will pile up for BeriKyuu who no longer have any senpai, and whatever happens this won’t change, so I it made me think we have to work hard in order to convey to all our kouhai the things Niigaki-san and our earlier senpai have left with us up until now
Watching the stage today makes me think of many different things…
from Shimizu Saki blog

Okai Chisato (C-ute member)
Good evening everyone (^-^*)/

Today at the Nippon Budoukan
the graduation concert was held
for Niigaki Risa-san and Mitsui Aika-chan!!!
I really do feel such an intensity to graduation concerts (ρ_;)
And this isn’t just the members, but from all the fans too
That kind of atmosphere loosens the tear ducts like crazy, doesn’t it (lol)

Whatever I say, since it was it was a dual graduation concert for the both of them,
there were lots of things that were more painful than usual,
as well as the power of the other members who didn’t graduate being incredible,
so it’s a live that will really linger within my soul o(`▽´)o
Those who couldn’t see it, by all means
please watch the DVD

I hope that warm things will happen
in Niigaki-san’s and Mittsi’s futures
I really congratulate you on your graduations

Hagiwara Mai (C-ute member)
I went to see Morning Musume-san’s concert
It was Niigaki-san’s and Aika’s graduation today,
and iya, I still don’t really feel like it happened

is incredibly dependable and keeps control of herself,
and even when Niigaki-san wasn’t leader, she was incredibly interested in what was around her, so I always think
that Niigaki-san is awesome!

Niigaki-san has the same nail-san
who does them for me,
and through that opportunity I was able to talk with her just a little bit, and since Mai is also shy and can’t really start talking to people, I’m glad I was able to talk to her even if just a little bit

I really congratulate you on your graduation
Please continue to support me

Also, Aika
I really can’t imagine Aika not being in Morning Musume,
so somehow I still don’t believe it at all

Re~ally, whenever Aika sees me,
she comes to me like “Mai~~~~ ”
and whenever Mai is feeling down
or worried
or doesn’t know what to do, she always supports me somehow or other.

Mai is someone who doesn’t have too many friends,
but I think that Aika will really be a friend forever!

Since she’s always worrying about me, Aika’s supporting me now more than I feel like even!
Since Aika was shining brighter today than normal, she was so cute!
From now on, no matter what happens, she’ll be Mai’s eternal companion!

Niigaki-san, Aika,
I really congratulate you on your graduations
Please continue to support me

Michishige Sayumi (Morning Musume new leader)
Good work!
Morning Musume’s Spring Tour Final at Nippon Budoukan! And Gaki-san and Aika’s graduation ceremonies…

Everything went well!
My level of nervousness was intense. (≡Д≡;)
The concert itself was super fun, and
Aika’s graduation ceremony,
Gaki-san’s graduation ceremony,

I was moved!!!!
Pictures with Gaki-san, pictures with Aika,
my feelings towards each of them…

It just ended, so their graduations don’t feel real yet.
I’ll post tomorrow. o(^▽^)o!

since Gaki-san graduated
Morning Musume’s new leader

is me, Michishige Sayumi.
To be honest, I’m a little bit uneasy…
but I’ll do my best in my own way!

If you don’t mind, please continue to watch over me!
There was also the announcement of the 11th generation member audition…
I hope lots of girls participate in the audition. ♪(人´∀`*)

As Morning Musume continues to change, please support us!!!

Nakanishi Kana (S/mileage member)
Today I went to Morning Musume-san’s concert. ヾ(≧∇≦)
It was Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san’s graduation!
Ikuta-san sends Niigaki-san pictures of Kana making funny faces, and she would send her texts I wrote for me!
Those teasing texts were funny and made me happy!
Watching today’s concert, I realized that Ikuta-san really really loves Niigaki-san.  
Also… I haven’t spoken to Mitsui-san very much, but it makes me happy that we’re both from Kansai.  
Something surprising also happened during today’s concert, and I was amazed at how powerful it was.   Well then(*^▽^*)
Good night!!
from S/mileage Submember blog

Suzuki Airi (C-ute member)
Good evening (゜▽゜)/
It’s Suzuki Airi

was the graduation ceremony
for Morning Musume’s
Niigaki Risa-san and Mitsui Aika-chan

I was able to go see it
at the Budoukan

Aika-chan’s graduation was
a sudden announcement,
and so it’s really just been a few days
since we knew she’d be graduating.

Since we weren’t able to stand on stage
together all that much,
I didn’t have much time
to just hang out and talk with her either

It never ceases to surprise me
that Aika-chan notices things soon
no matter what they are
She’s a really wonderful woman…

I also want
to be the type of person
who has such a warm aura as Aika-chan
and who makes everyone smile
when she talks to you

I wonder if I’ll be able to see her
at Hello! concerts and such even after she graduates?

I want her foot to recover properly
and when she has the time
to be able to interact with her more from now on

Congrats on your graduation
Please continue to support me!

I’m sad also
that I haven’t been able to do many activities with
since her graduation was announced

out of our H!P senpai
would often take notice
of things about all the members

When I was troubled
she would always
be the first one to notice as well

It made me incredibly happy !
She sent me a mail of,
“I’ll always talk to you~ 

and she’s B-type which there are only a few of,
so we often talk and stuff

So I’ll feel sad and lonely
when that Niigaki-san
is no longer in H!P…

but in the H!P from now on
I’ll make precious the things
which Niigaki-san left to us,
and those of us who will have been here the longest
I think
will have to lead us forward…

I want Niigaki-san as well
to continue shining
after graduation
as the wonderful Niigaki-san she is now

I love you, Niigaki-san

Iida Kaori (former Morning Musume leader/member)
Niigaki Risa-chan Mitsui Aika-chan
I went to see their graduation concert. 
The other day I just went to see the show at Nakano Sun Plaza,
but Morning Musume is amazing.
in a really short time, they changed the show a lot.
The 11th generation audition was announced too, I’m looking forward to the next change.
I’m sure Mitsui-chan had a lot to worry about with her ankle injury, but she stood on stage with a brilliant smile.
Gaki-san, who has loved and supported Morning Musume for over 10 years,
conveyed with very strong feelings how much she loves Morning Musume!
She’s been a very trustworthy leader!!
It was a teary journey [Namidacchi] through a truly wonderful graduation concert!!
Lots of graduated members also rushed to be there!! Truly, congratulations on your graduations!!

Yajima Maimi (C-ute leader)
Well, today
is graduation day for Morning Musume’s Niigaki Risa-san and Mitsui Aika-chan, isn’t it…

It doesn’t feel like it at all,
and I feel like I’ll be able to stand on stage once again together with them
just like always at the Hello! Project concert.

Niigaki-san helped me through tough times,
and Aika always soothed me with her wonderful character
Though the graduation is very sad,
I pray for a wonderful future for them both,
and I think it’s best to be able to say, “Congratulations on your graduation"

Abe Natsumi (former Morning Musume member)
in Budokan!
Morning Musume~~~~~~~!✧
Gaki-san and Mitsui’s graduation LIVE show was held.
Everyone was shining so brightly with such pure hearts….
I dunno how many times I shouted, “Cute~”…
9th gen, 10th gen, Sayu, Reina, Mitsui, and Gaki-san…
everyone was working very very hard!
♪Suki na Senpai, ♪Never Forget, ♪Aruiteru, etc…
I cried~
I was once again moved by the message in Tsunku-san’s songs…
Morning Musume has history!

In addition, Berryz Koubou, ℃-ute, Smileage, etc…
Lots of kohai-chans came✧
I also had a reunion with Natsu-sensei after not seeing her for a while…
I’m so happy… (●^_^)
Abe-san also gotta work hard ✧
I’m gonna get fired up for my LIVE show in June!!
from Abe Natsumi blog

Takahashi Ai (former Morning Musume leader/member)
I went to
Niigaki Risa-chan
and Mitsui Aika-chan’s
graduation concert.
I cried so much
‘Cuz it’s my first time watching a graduation concert
It felt somewhat strange
Graduation is sad,
but the live show was really fun
I got super excited♪
I mean
Morning Musume is just so cool♪♪
As for the leadership
Michishige Sayumi-chan is taking over
The 11th generation audition also began
That way, Morning Musume will continue to evolve♪
Do your best(^-^)/

Takeuchi Akari (S/mileage member)
Yesterday I went to see Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san’s graduation concert. (*^^*)
I saw the Mayuge Beam live for the first time. (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))
It made me super happy. (o^^o)
Maaan the concert was super moving. ヽ(;▽;)ノ
I couldn’t help crying. (T ^ T)
I mean, from now on I won’t be able to stand on stage with Niigaki-san!!
When I thought that, it didn’t seem real at all, but I was able to see Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san’s performances today, so I’ll do my best to make even a little use of what I saw today♪(´ε` )
Mitsui-san will still be in Hello! Project, so we may be able to stand on stage again together, but I won’t be able to see Mitsui-san in Morning Musume anymore, so I kept my eyes fixed on her!!
Also, there was the surprise announcement of the 11th generation member audition!!
Everyone around me was super surprised too! (◎_◎;)
When Tsunku♂-san comes out it really makes your heart race. f^_^;)
Also, I was thinking that I’d like us to have a concert at the Budoukan too.(^O^)
I really wanna do it!!
I really wanna do it!!
I really wanna do it!!

So I’ll do my best. \(^o^)/

Congratulations on your graduations. (^ ^)
And thank you so much!!!

Shibata Ayumi (former Melon Kinenbi/Hello! Project member)
at the Nippon Budokan…

I went to watch
the Morning Musume concert♪

Niigaki Risa-chan
Mitsui Aika-chan

Congratulations on your graduation.
Before I knew it…
has become a responsible, mature woman.

In my heart
she’s still
the adorable Omame-chan
from when we were active as “Tanpopo.”

Yesterday’s Omame-chan
was very awe-inspiring.

She was so cool~
Both Omame-chan and Mitsui-chan
truly shone

Mitsui-chan’s graduation
was surprising because of the suddenness, but…

I’m looking forward
to what form she will have taken the next time I can see her
with that unchanging smile of hers

Continuing to evolve,
continuing to be loved…

“Morning Musume
is such a great group,”
Once again
Omame-chan, Mitsui-chan
congratulations on your graduation~
from Shibata Ayumi blog

Tamura Meimi (S/mileage member)
Yesterday I went to see Morning Musume-san’s Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san’s graduation concert.
I was very moved…I’m grateful to Mitsui-san and Niigaki-san for their help during the New Year Hello concert…
Both of them were kind to me and talked to me about various things even though I’m a newcomer. They’ve been very wonderful senpai☆
In particular, one time I asked Niigaki-san if she’d let me do the Mayuge Beam…
And she said very kindly, “Use it a bunch☆” !
I was so happy about it that I couldn’t sleep that night…
It’s only been a short time but I’m glad to have met Mitsui-san and Niigaki-san…
Both Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san are senpai I look up to…
I love both Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san!☆
You’ve worked hard!
I’ll continue to always cheer you on!!

Ogawa Makoto (former Morning Musume member)
Yesterday, I went
Morning Musume’s Budokan live show
It was Niigaki Risa-chan and Mitsui Aika-chan’s graduation performance

Everyone that was on stage was shining brightly
The sight of them giving it their all was cool
I wasn’t in Morning Musume at the same time as Mitsui-chan, but whenever we met, she always said, “Ogawa-saa~n,” and came over to talk to me with a smile. That was impressive.
Her graduation letter overflowed with kindness, typical of Mitsui-chan.
I think she was surely troubled more than others because of her foot injury, but she worked hard.

And then, Gaki-san.
Until the very last moment, she splendidly carried out her role as leader.

Precisely because we’re generation-mates and were always together, I know how much Gaki-san has grown.
She was super cool.

To the two of you, congratulations on your graduation
from Ogawa Makoto blog

Ishikawa Rika (former Morning Musume member)
I went to Nippon Budoukan to see Morning Musume’s concert. o(^▽^)o
Gaki-san & Mittsi’s graduation concert
was super cool.

When she first joined Morning Musume she was really a tiny child, with an itty bitty face like a bean. It makes me nostalgic thinking about how we used to always call her mame [bean].
I still call her mame.
The letter Gaki-san wrote
resounded in my heart.
I think Gaki-san very clearly expressed her feelings toward the fans, her fellow members, and the many people who supported her.

You’ve truly worked hard.
And then there’s Mittsi~
Somehow she had such adult-like expressions.
I was never in Morning Msume with Mittsi~ but I always watched her from close by.
When Biyuuden and Morning Musume did a concert tour together, we sang “Otoko Tomodachi” together.

Even now I still remember feeling how hard she was working as I danced beside her.
Even after you graduate Morning Musume, please continue to move forward at your own pace.
Good work.  

There was also a surprise during yesterday’s concert…
There’s going to be an 11th generation member audition. o(^▽^)o
I’m going to gain some new colleagues again.
When I joined I was a youthful 15 year old but now…
I’m all grown up.  
Am I using the right words when I say “grown up”? lol
Morning Musume is always changing.
My beloved Morning Musume.
I’ll continue to cheer them on.
I’ll also do my best to continue to change too. v(^-^)v
from Ishikawa Rika blog

Sayunii, Sayunii

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