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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

S/mileage (スマイレージ) - Uchouten LOVE

<Regular Edition cover>

<Limited Edition A cover>

<Limited Edition B cover>

<Limited Edition C cover>

<Limited Edition D cover>
  • 6th major single
  • Released on 3 August 2011
  • This single released in 3 edition : Limited A, Limited B, Limited C, Limited D & Regular edition
  • Coupling song, Chu! Natsu Pa~rty was a cover of the original song by 3nin Matsuri
  • This is the last single for original member Ogawa Saki.


Regular Edition CD Tracklist
  1. Uchouten LOVE (有頂天LOVE)
  2. Chu! Natsu Pa~rty (チュ!夏パ~ティ; Kiss! Summer Party) (3nin Matsuri cover)
  3. Uchouten LOVE (Instrumental)
Limited Edition CD Tracklist
  1. Uchouten LOVE (有頂天LOVE; Ecstasy LOVE)
  2. Jitensha Chiririn (自転車チリリン; Bicycle Ding-a-Ling)
  3. Uchouten LOVE (Instrumental) 

S/mileage - Uchouten LOVE PV

S/mileage - Uchouten LOVE (Dance Shot Ver.)

S/mileage - Uchouten LOVE (Chou Close-up Ver.)

S/mileage - Uchouten LOVE (4Shot Lip Ver.)

S/mileage - Uchouten LOVE (School Chorus Ver.)

S/mileage - Uchouten LOVE (Deco Mic Ver.)

S/mileage - Chu! Natsu Pa~rty (original: 3nin Matsuri)

S/mileage - Jitensha Chiririn

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