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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tsunku's New Project: New Girl Group with Tanaka Reina as Center of the Group

A new project by Tsunku involving a group centered around Tanaka Reina has been announced.

The audition is for a vocalist and a guitarist and auditions will start on 6/17 and continue for 4 weekends consecutively. Those who apply must be between the ages of 15 – 22. Reina will continue her activities in Morning Musume alongside this new group.

It’s interesting to see that Tsunku has decided to put her in a small group alongside her activities in Momusu since it’s not everyday we get to see a new group being introduced to H!P, much less one with a guitarist and two vocalists. While details about the final band are somewhat scarce it seems like it will most likely give her a great opportunity to show her talent outside of Momusu since the group will center around her.

The idea of twin vocals as well as a guitarist is really interesting since he doesn’t ask for anyone else, no drummers or bass players. Sure, he does mention that the guitarist will also provide some chorus vocals but in a way it seems like an interesting decision since they might provide a drummer and bassist or just rely on instrumentals with only the guitar being live, something which many groups already do.

The guitarist seems like a great addition to make the group a bit more Buono like so it will be fun to see how it turns out and what kind of name and style they go for once the auditions are over since it might turn out to be an interesting way of providing H!P with more rock styled groups.

Auditions will start on 6/17 and continue for 4 weekends consecutively.

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