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Sunday, July 22, 2012

[HOT] Hello! Project's Soloist, Mano Erina Announced Her Graduation

It has just been announced at the opening day of Hello! Project Summer Concert Tour that the only Hello! Project soloist, Mano Erina will be graduating from H!P this upcoming February.

Comments from Tsunku:
In regards to Mano Erina
She was the girl who joined up in May 2006 as a Hello!Pro Egg.
At first she was very unstable in dancing and singing, always hiding in the shadows of the other members
she had the impression that she was soft and flexible.
That’s the kind of girl she was, but when she started working as a member of the Ongaku Gatas,
And with advice about how to build the sensitive muscles of her body for dance,
her dancing ability had suddenly improved during the concert several months later.
This was probably the results of the great efforts she put in while I wasn’t looking.
At the time that’s what I thought, and from the record maker
I heard them voice that they wanted to bring Mano up for a solo debut,
and so they had chosen to graduate her from Ongaku Gatas and put her on the road to being a solo singer.

And her indies work had given her the recognition for a major debut.
Even in Hello!Project at the time she was a unique solo artist,
I thought she must be lonely and really uneasy.
But even then I felt that she was without complaints, a real positive girl.
(Though there was a time when her not voicing it had a small affect on her disposition too. lol)
From her major debut in March of 2009, 3 years and 4 months have passed, at this time,
we’re announcing that in 2013, after the New Year’s Hello in her own solo live,
she will be graduating from Hello!Project.

I think those of you who have seen this summer’s Hello already know this but,
keeping in mind her current sense of rhythm, her performances have really improved.
It’s really good thing for her to graduate from Hello!Project while she’s on such a high note.
It’ll be a good step to her next stage.
After she graduates, I feel I want her to challenge herself steadily with acting, singing, and other new things.

With the 7 months or so until her graduation, I want her to keep growing, graduating as a “Cool Mano Erina”,
and afterwards introducing herself to everyone as the “New Mano Erina” she will become.
Until then, everyone please, kindly support both
Mano Erina and Hello!Project

July 21, 2012
Hello!Project Producer Tsunku

Comment from Mano Erina:
Thank you for always supporting me.
I, Mano Erina, with the 2013 New Year’s Hello!Project Concert and
the February 23rd planned solo concert in Nakano Sun Plaza,
am graduating from Hello!Project.

Since the beginning of this year, Tsunku and the staff and I have continuously talked about my work from here on.
From here on, I want to do my best in order to pursue my own potential and to broaden my abilities in singing and acting beyond what I have now.

It’s been about 4 years since I started my solo work, compared with the history of Hello!Project that’s really very little but, I’ve gained all kinds of experience.
I’ve gotten to join Hello!Project, which was my dream, I got to have a solo debut, and there has been happiness, fun, and sometimes even frustration.
In order to head toward my dreams and goals, I want to take it into my own hands, and be determined to challenge myself more than I have before.
And I’d be happy if you continue to watch over me, Mano Erina, the same as always.
From this point forward please continue to support me.

July 21, 2012
Mano Erina

Comment from Nakajima Saki (C-ute member):
there was the report that Mano Erina-chan would be graduating from Hello! Project.

Though it’s sad she’ll be graduating from Hello! Project,
since I think there’ll certainly be some acting for Mano-chan,
I want her to challenge roles she hasn’t been able to up until now!

If I have to say something,
I feel like I’m looking forward to her activities after graduating Hello! Project!
from C-ute's blog

Comment from Suzuki Airi (C-ute member):
It’s been announced that
at next February’s solo tour of hers,
Mano Erina-chan
will graduate from Hello! Project.

Though there isn’t much time until she graduates,
I want to make lots of memories with her
until then…
so after she graduates as well,
I want to go eat ice cream with her like I did before

since I think she’ll become an even BIGGER actress-san after she graduates,
I’ll keep an eye on her too!
Do your best, Mano-chan
from C-ute's blog

Comment from Michishige Sayumi (Morning Musume leader):
during today’s concert,
Mano Erina-chan announced that she will be graduating from Hello! Pro at the end of her solo concert in February next year!

Mano-chan said
“After I graduate from Hello! Pro I would like to do my best to expand my horizons in singing and acting.” !
Graduations are sad but…
I’m looking forward to what Mano-chan does after her graduation♪
There’s still time until Mano-chan graduates, so I’ll talk with Mano-chan, take pictures with her, and enjoy being on stage with her★★★
from Michishige Sayumi blog

credit to: takamaruyo, blog!project

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