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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yaguchi Mari & Oriental Radio hold PR event for “Coca-Cola Park”

In commemoration of “Coca-Cola Park” having over 10 million people register for their portal site, Yaguchi Mari and comedic duo “Oriental Radio” held a press conference on March 6th.

Naturally, the press asked Yaguchi about her relationship with actor Nakamura Masaya, and she said, “We’re fine? Yeah. We get along well”. She was then asked about marriage, “I want to do it sometime soon, but… as soon as we decide on a date, I’ll let you all know”.

Yaguchi then commented on the Coca-Cola site, “I love it, it’s like an amusement park and really fun, so it’s an honor to be selected as the official navigator. I want to recommend it to the ‘Morning Musume‘ members and my family. My boyfriend? He’s already into it!

Yaguchi and the two members of Oriental Radio will participate in a Ustream program called “Coca-Cola Park TV” on April 1st at 10 PM to do various PR. The three of them are taking requests for a unit name on the site. Nakata Atsuhiko commented, “When we release our song, Yaguchi-chan is going to do sing and I’m going to do the rap and dancing”. Fujimori Shingo then chimed in, “I’m doing the chorus. Us three are gonna do a drama”. The comment then caused Yaguchi to burst out, “No way! You’re completely delusional!

Coca-Cola Park is a membership portal site that opened in June 2007, and this March, over 10 million people have now registered as members. In commemoration of that, these three people have been selected as navigators for the official guidebook, the Ustream program, and various projects that are being planned.

Source: Mantan Web + tokyohive

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