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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wakuteka Take a Chance Profile Q/A (part 1/5)

Q1. What point are you careful about when singing “Wakuteka Take a chance”?

Michishige Sayumi: Pitch!!!!!
Tanaka Reina: Power and rhythm!!!
Fukumura Mizuki: Sing with a feeling of riding the previous singer’s wave.There’s a falsetto part, and when I move to the front and sing with a 16-beat rhythm, I always sing carefully, but right now, my challenge is to sing normally while dancing without worrying.
Ikuta Erina: Making sure I sing properly into the microphone
Sayashi Riho: I try not to let my voice be overpowered by the song (・ω・)ノ
Suzuki Kanon: Since it has a cool melody, I’m careful that my voice isn’t too light you can’t hear it.
Iikubo Haruna: “Shake it up!” and “Shake it out!” have similar pronunciations, so I’m careful about that.
Ishida Ayumi: Since especially the hook has a firm tone, I sing it with strength
Sato Masaki: That I don’t deviate from the rhythm
Kudo Haruka: Don’t forget the robot-like feeling!

Q2. What point are you careful about when dancing to “Wakuteka Take a chance”?

Michishige Sayumi: The diagonal shape that everyone makes with their hands during the chorus. Mine is at a difficult height, so I concentrate and do my best!!
Tanaka Reina: The formation and timing!!!
Fukumura Mizuki
- The part in the lyrics that go “Kaze wo kanjiteru” [Feeling the wind] and “Chikyuu ga mawatteru” [The earth spins] and everyone does the wave. Holding hands and doing the wave is hard, but it represents “chikyuu” [earth], so I want to dance it more cleanly.
- I definitely don’t forget the 16-beat rhythm!
- I’m doing my best to make the part when we’re meandering during “Shirigaru-chan~” “Shockx8″ and when the 10 of us make a diagonal line look cleaner.
Ikuta Erina: Making sure I look like a robot, that part
Sayashi Riho: There are lots of different parts, so I’m careful about a variety of things, such as the tense parts, the accents, the smooth parts, etc
Suzuki Kanon: Since doing it more seriously is cooler, I’m working hard so that its sharpness comes out.
Iikubo Haruna: During the part in the chorus when we hold our hands out at an angle, I’m careful not to be out of alignment.
Ishida Ayumi: Picking the right accent to match the sounds
Sato Masaki: Matching everyone’s timing and count
Kudo Haruka: Don’t forget the detailed rhythm, be careful with the angles…

Q3. What was hard about the dance to “Wakuteka Take a chance”?

Michishige Sayumi: The diagonal formation that everyone makes during the chorus.We couldn’t quite do it cleanly, so we had trouble with it.
Tanaka Reina: The formation and dance genre…probably???
Fukumura Mizuki
- The part when the lyrics go “Seishun wo muda ni sunjanai” [Don't waste youth]
- The part when our feet take turns going in and out.
Ikuta Erina: The rhythm
Sayashi Riho: Getting everyone to match in terms of angles and stuff!
Suzuki Kanon: The hook >< When everyone’s bodies turn toward each other it gets difficult.
Iikubo Haruna: The snappy movement when we’re moving around
Ishida Ayumi: Having the perfect hand height when we raise our hands in order during the hook.
Sato Masaki: The choreography of “Hora daichi ka~ra no me~guumi~” was rough.
Kudo Haruka: Rhythm! The small details are hard.

Q4. What did you think when you first heard “Wakuteka Take a chance”?

Michishige Sayumi: Whoa~ So cool~~(*>_<*)
Tanaka Reina: “Another cool one!!! Woohoo~ ↑↑”
Fukumura Mizuki
- I thought, “It’s so cool!”
- The A melody has 5 patterns and the 4th line in the 5th pattern that goes “Dore ga honki de~” [Which one is serious~] could only sound like the “Oshiri ○○○ mushi” line from a children’s song (^^;
Ikuta Erina: One, Two, Three. Part 2
Sayashi Riho: I thought, “It’s such a cool song, as if a robot is coming to life”
Suzuki Kanon: Uwa~!!! So mechanical!! I thought when I was listening to it…!!
Iikubo Haruna: It reminded me of SF somehow!
Ishida Ayumi: I thought it was incredibly mechanical.But I felt again that Morning Musume really is so cool!
Sato Masaki: Wa!! I thought this song is so cool!
Kudo Haruka: I was like, “Huh?” I thought, “Isn’t this robot-like!?” but the finished product is super cool.

Q5. A few words for the people who are gonna listen to “Wakuteka Take a chance” from now on.

Michishige Sayumi: Hurry up and listen to it~♪♪
Tanaka Reina: You can properly hear the 10 members’ voices in this one song, and there are various things about it that you can enjoy, such as the cool parts and the parts that are kinda like spoken lines (*´∀`*)
Fukumura Mizuki: I think that if you listen to this song, you’ll definitely get excited, so please listen to it (*>ω<*)
Ikuta Erina: It’s a really cool song, so please listen to it
Sayashi Riho: It’s a song that paints the picture of a woman who’s confident at love, so I’d like them to listen to the lyrics carefully!
Suzuki Kanon: I think it has a “wakuteka!!” feel!! Please listen to it lots!!!
Iikubo Haruna: I think it’s about a girl who sounds assertive, but is actually lonely and pretending to be strong, so I’d like them to feel that.
Ishida Ayumi: I want you to listen to it “focused” while feeling the rhythm.
Sato Masaki: Since this song is very much fun and high-spirited to listen to, please be sure to listen to it
Kudo Haruka: It’s very mechanical, so you might be surprised, but please listen to it a lot.

Q6. What made you excited recently?

Michishige Sayumi: I bought orange-colored clothes that were slightly expensive.
Tanaka Reina: The songs that I can sing at karaoke have increased!!!
Fukumura Mizuki: I recently started blogging, and everyday I get excited thinking of what to blog about!!
Ikuta Erina: Ordering Niigaki-san’s bus tour DVD
Sayashi Riho: I’ve tried out a lot of carbonated drinks, but in the end, I’m the most excited when I drink cider!
Suzuki Kanon: The first day of the fall tour!! Though I was nervous, I was excited that I want to show it to everyone soon.
Iikubo Haruna
- I got a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure smartphone.
- I started a blog.
Ishida Ayumi: I went shopping, and met this incredibly cute cat ear cachusha.
Sato Masaki: When One・Two・Three was played at school.
Kudo Haruka: London Olympics

Q7. What has left the deepest impression on you since you joined Morning Musume?

Michishige Sayumi: The first concert in my hometown!!
Tanaka Reina: There are too many to remember. LOL
Fukumura Mizuki: My first concert, my senior’s graduation concert.
Ikuta Erina: Eating soba noodles contest
Sayashi Riho: All the fans’ kind words!!!
Suzuki Kanon: Memorizing dances in 1 day!
Iikubo Haruna: I was surprised that we exchange presents on every birthday and Christmas.
Ishida Ayumi: My first triumphal return concert in my first spring tour!!!
Sato Masaki: That my characters are pretty when I’m writing things.
Kudo Haruka: Tanaka-san isn’t scary (lol) Michishige-san is cuter than normal (lol)

Q8. What’s the most painful thing that has happened to you since you joined Morning Musume?

Michishige Sayumi: All of the members forgot my birthday…
Tanaka Reina: Learning that reality isn’t so easy.
Fukumura Mizuki: I got scolded no matter what I did.
Ikuta Erina: The rehearsals for the 2011 spring tour
Sayashi Riho: For my first tour, the time when I had a lot of things to memorize was tough…
Suzuki Kanon: Not being able to remember dances.
Iikubo Haruna: Not being able to memorize dance moves.
Ishida Ayumi: Spraining my foot. It was too vexing and tough.
Sato Masaki: That I can’t remember the dances.
Kudo Haruka: The first spring tour. I could remember the dance moves, but I couldn’t express them…

Q9. What’s the happiest thing that has happened to you since you joined Morning Musume?

Michishige Sayumi: Getting a solo song!!!!
Tanaka Reina: Being able to meet Goto Maki-san, having fans that support me!!!
Fukumura Mizuki: I’m happy to be able to sing songs that I can call my own. I want to become better at singing.
Ikuta Erina: Receiving members goods from the real person
Sayashi Riho: Becoming able to show my natural personality!
Suzuki Kanon: That I had a solo part in our first song (Maji Desu ka Suka!” ♪
Iikubo Haruna: Being able to meet fans in person.
Ishida Ayumi: Though I can’t choose just one thing, of course it’s the same with fans too, but at concerts when I unexpectedly make eye contact with my senpai it makes me incredibly happy.
Sato Masaki: That there are are distinctive differences between the members in my generation.
Kudo Haruka: When I hurt my knee, all the fans told me, “Take your time. Get better little by little.”

Q10. What makes you glad that you joined Morning Musume?

Michishige Sayumi: Being able to meet a lot of precious people.
Tanaka Reina: It’s a job where I’m constantly being watched, so I can naturally improve myself.
Fukumura Mizuki: Being able to meet various people!!
Ikuta Erina: We all work really hard together
Sayashi Riho: I realized that I have to be very thankful to a lot of people.
Suzuki Kanon: The fans are so warm ★
Iikubo Haruna: I feel like I’ve gotten stronger.
Ishida Ayumi: Being able to meet so many really kind people
Sato Masaki: That I’ve been able to think I can work harder on singing and dancing.
Kudo Haruka: Being able to meet a lot of people. My generation-mates, seniors, managers, Tsunku♂san, all the fans.

>Wakuteka Take a Chance Profile Q/A (part 2/5)


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