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Friday, May 20, 2011

S/mileage’s 6th Single Delayed

S/mileage’s 6th single, currently untitled, will be delayed.

The new release date for both the single and the Single V will be moved a month later.
It's not that surprised to see that their new single has been delayed since it was announced a bit too early, but nonetheless it seems that they are giving the group a few more chances to promote before the single is released which is a good idea since it might make the difference.

No reason was stated for the delay, which is normal for a single that has just been announced but since the new release date is about a month later we don’t have a clear idea of who the competition will be since it is still pretty far away (the competition for 7/6 wasn’t that difficult, but there were a few that stood out).

So far we don’t have that much info about the single since it was announced about 3 weeks ago which is normal since we don’t usually find out about single details until about a month and a half before (or around that time), but hope we get to find out more about this single in the coming weeks.

The single will be delayed from 7/6 to 8/3 and the Single V will be delayed from 7/13 to 8/10.

S/mileage Official Site Announcement

source from sayunii

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