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Monday, June 6, 2011

Suzuki Airi- Special Announcement This Week

Suzuki Airi mentioned that she will be making an announcement this week.

The announcement will be made on Youtube, which is quite strange for me since in the past they’ve never made announcements over Youtube and they do it at other events. (Concerts, fanclub events etc.) Also a video announcement is really different for members since they usually announce it live.

Other than that what Airi will be announcing is still a mystery and I hope it won’t be anything too shocking, like another audition. I’m thinking though that it’s something regarding her photobooks, since she released two recently and the released dates were quite close to each other and she’s also doing the same with 2 DVDs.

Hopefully everyone has a chance to check it out, Airi’s announcement will be on youtube on 6/10 at 8pm JST.

Also this is the video of her announcing the news:

source from sayunii

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