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Saturday, December 10, 2011

C-ute's Hagiwara Mai New Ustream Show Titled “Mai desu ga… nani ka?”

A new Ustream show for C-ute member Hagiwara Mai has been announced. It will be titled Mai desu ga… nani ka? (I’m Mai… so what?).

From the title of the show, it seems that it will be focused on how mature Maimai has become since it’s quite provocative, and even though the content of the show is still unknown, the title alone makes it a great reason for everyone to watch the first broadcast, and it's good to see members interaction during the show like in Sayu’s last show where various members from different groups came to talk about many subjects, etc…

Also, it has been announced that fans from around the world can send in questions to Maimai herself on a specific e-mail address which she will read and choose a bunch to respond to during the show, so seeing that international fans will be able to take part in the show in some kind of way is really great news since this will allow Mai’s fans to show her their devotion and what they think of her while being answered directly by her on the show if their question gets picked.

To send your questions:

source from sayunii

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