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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kago Ai Announces She Is Married and Pregnant

Kago Ai recently announced on her blog that she had recently registered for marriage and is pregnant as well.

Here is a translation of the post by TokyoHive:
“To everyone who has always been cheering for me and supporting me:
I, Kago Ai, would like to announce that I have registered my marriage this month with a person I have known for some time now. Also, recently… I learned that I have a new life growing inside of me.
I feel such happiness from the bottom of my heart, and also feel a sense of responsibility. From now on, I would like for us to build an ordinary, quiet, and warm home life as the two of us work together and become closer to one another.
Although up until now I’ve caused so much worry, as Kago Ai, in my own way, as a 23 year old woman, a wife, and a mother, for the time being I want to fully embrace and treasure this happiness.
I would be truly happy if you continued to watch over me warmly from now on as well.“
Kago has lived a somewhat turbulent life so far with many problems but it’s really great to see that her life has changed in a positive way. It’s somewhat dramatic to see that she suddenly announces her marriage as well as being pregnant at the same time but it seems like she has become responsible and reflected about the many incidents that have occurred lately.

We have no idea who the husband is at this point, but hopefully it’s someone who can support Kago well (the Yakuza boyfriend doesn’t seem like a good candidate). She will probably reveal who he is at a future date, although for now the major news (apart from her marriage) is that she is pregnant.

The baby should be born in August or September if she revealed the pregnancy when she found out, if not it should be sooner.

Hopefully Kago lives a normal life from now on since so far it has been plagued with problems, but her pregnancy and marriage should be the things she needs to turn her life around.

Congratulations to Kago on her marriage and her pregnancy!

source from sayunii

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