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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Covers & Tracklist For Peaberry, DIY♡, Green Fields and Harvest Debut Singles

☆「Cabbage Hakusho(Peaberry) / Forest Time(Harvest)」

Peaberry's tracklist:
1. Cabbage Hakusho (Peaberry)
2. Forest Time (Harvest)
3. Cabbage Hakusho (Peaberry)(Instrumental)
4. Forest Time (Harvest)(Instrumental)

Harvest's tracklist:
1. Forest Time (Harvest)
2. Cabbage Hakusho (Peaberry)
3. Forest Time (Harvest)(Instrumental)
4. Cabbage Hakusho (Peaberry)(Instrumental)

☆「Foret Foret ~ Forest for Rest~(DIY♡) / Boys be ambitous!(Green Fields)」

DIY♡'s tracklist:
1. Foret Foret ~ Forest for Rest~ (DIY♡)
2. Boys be ambitous! (Green Fields)
3. Foret Foret ~ Forest for Rest~ (DIY♡)(Instrumental)
4. Boys be ambitous! (Green Fields)(Instrumental)

Green Fields's tracklist:
1. Boys be ambitous! (Green Fields)
2. Foret Foret ~ Forest for Rest~ (DIY♡)
3. Boys be ambitous! (Green Fields)(Instrumental)
4. Foret Foret ~ Forest for Rest~ (DIY♡)(Instrumental)

The covers for the new single releases by the SATOYAMA Movement units have been released.

The release date is set for 11/7.

source from sayunii

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