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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wakuteka Take a Chance Profile Q/A (part 5/5)

Q41. What are 3 things that you want to do in your life?

Michishige Sayumi: Go on a trip abroad with my family, keep a pet cat, win the lottery★
Tanaka Reina: Become rich and live luxuriously, fly through the sky, appear in a Hollywood movie
Fukumura Mizuki
- 1. I want to flick the tips of Momochi’s pigtails!
- 2. I want to create MIZUKINGDOM
- 3. I want to become responsible enough that I don’t worry my parents!
Ikuta Erina: Grow my hair long, go to the Vatican city and sing a solo song
Sayashi Riho
- 1. I want to appear in a cider CM!
- 2. Filial piety
- 3. Renovate my family’s house or build a new house!
Suzuki Kanon: There isn’t anything now.
Iikubo Haruna
- When I ascend to heaven, I want to go into a black hole.
- Round-the-world trip
- Become white-skinned
Ishida Ayumi: Be the leading role in an adult drama, work at Dreamland (Disneyland), make people from around the world my friends
Sato Masaki
☆ Sleepover with the 10th gen
☆ Live in a big house
☆ Go to a candy factory
Kudo Haruka
- ★Have a conversation with Oda Eiichiro-san [ONE PIECE creator]
- ★Be a voice actress for ONE PIECE
- ★reserve Disneyland

Q42. Where do you want to go the most right now?

Michishige Sayumi: aquarium
Tanaka Reina: Rome (somehow (lol)
Fukumura Mizuki: I’ve never gone to Universal Studios, so I wanna go.
Ikuta Erina: Wherever Niigaki-san is
Sayashi Riho: Tahiti!
Suzuki Kanon: My home area
Iikubo Haruna: Rome, Italy
Ishida Ayumi: To where Harunan is where laughter never dies!!!
Sato Masaki: Disneyland
Kudo Haruka: ONE PIECE exhibit

Q43. What’s something that you unintentionally can’t stop doing?

Michishige Sayumi: Net patrol
Tanaka Reina: No matter what I do, I talk too much. I just blurt things out. In particular, I blurt out things that I don’t even really think.
Fukumura Mizuki
- When I’m drawing
- I watch a lot of Hello concert videos, I can’t stop!
Ikuta Erina: Sleeping
Sayashi Riho: Drinking nothing but cider!
Suzuki Kanon: My habit of choosing cheap things
Iikubo Haruna: Eating ice
Ishida Ayumi: Focus on the TV
Sato Masaki: Eating candy~
Kudo Haruka: Saying “Kuso” (lol) [Note: means "Damn"]

Q44. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?

Michishige Sayumi: I’d like my cat allergy to be cured…
Tanaka Reina: Please give me Doraemon.
Fukumura Mizuki: I want Doraemon’s spare pocket ☆
Ikuta Erina: To become a Wizard
Sayashi Riho: world peace!
Suzuki Kanon: I’d want to be close to the members forever!
Iikubo Haruna: Mom, please increase my allowance.
Ishida Ayumi: I’d want to become a perfect person
Sato Masaki: That I could play piano smoothly once again
Kudo Haruka: I want to meet Mr. Oda Eiichiro

Q45. What moved you recently?

Michishige Sayumi: I bought a stethoscope and listened to the sound of my own heart.
Tanaka Reina: The Walkman that I use has a feature that can raise or lower the key of a song!!!
Fukumura Mizuki: Tsunku ♂san created 9th gen’s first song, “Aisaretai no ni”
Ikuta Erina: Niigaki-san called me!
Sayashi Riho: I was moved by the land as seen from an airplane!
Suzuki Kanon: Fans gave me a thick album for my birthday.
Iikubo Haruna: When I graduated from chocolate color, all of the fans were waving chocolate.
Ishida Ayumi: Fukumura Mizuki-san and Suzuki-san sent me emotional mails when I had my sprain!!
Sato Masaki: That I’ve stopped having Cleopatra hair.
Kudo Haruka: I really cried at the movie “Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki”

Q46. What made you cry recently (or something that was painful or frustrating)?

Michishige Sayumi: I wanted to buy juice from a vending machine, but I didn’t have any coins…
Tanaka Reina: It’s my rule not to cry (-∀-) lol
Fukumura Mizuki: When my eyelashes fell out, I cried…( It happened because I used an eyelash curler…)
Ikuta Erina: I watched Niigaki-san’s DVD
Sayashi Riho: When I couldn’t sing and dance in the way that I was thinking…
Suzuki Kanon: When I went to karaoke and did a ranking, though it was going well for awhile, I suddenly failed for some reason and started feeling down.
Iikubo Haruna: I watched the Doraemon movie and cried.
Ishida Ayumi: When I couldn’t do so many different things when my foot was sprained
Sato Masaki: When I recently got into a fight with the 10th gen, I thought that everyone was thinking of me.
Kudo Haruka: I’ve been frustrated, but I don’t shed tears!!

Q47. What made you happy recently?

Michishige Sayumi: I ate a cheeseburger for the first time in my life♪
Tanaka Reina: With the fans in the Hawaii tour, we did games and walked around town like friends!!!
Fukumura Mizuki: The 9th and 10th gen blogs started!!!
Ikuta Erina: I received solo parts
Sayashi Riho: Starting a blog!!!
Suzuki Kanon: Eri-chan invited me out to eat! (but I wasn’t able to go…)
Iikubo Haruna: I’m gonna turn 18 soon!
Ishida Ayumi: When it came to light that my foot size was about the same as Tanaka-san’s!!!
Sato Masaki: Changing my hair.
Kudo Haruka: 10th gen’s 1st anniversary!

Q48. If you were to go to an amusement park, where would you play first?

Michishige Sayumi: rollercoaster
Tanaka Reina: I haven’t gone recently, but when I was in elementary school, it was rollercoaster ↑↑ and water rides!!!
Fukumura Mizuki: I’ll start with what I like~merry-go-round ♪
Ikuta Erina: Roller Coasters
Sayashi Riho: Go karts!
Suzuki Kanon: Look at the people playing around
Iikubo Haruna: trapeze
Ishida Ayumi: On a roller coaster!!!!
Sato Masaki: A roller coaster
Kudo Haruka: roller coaster, of course

Q49. As an idol, what’s something that you’re always careful about?

Michishige Sayumi: Maintaining cuteness! Increase it if possible↑
Tanaka Reina: I don’t eat too much. I try to be careful about it myself before I get chubby!!…is my intention (^^;
Fukumura Mizuki: Not much when I’m being watched, but now when I watch TV, I watch to learn.
Ikuta Erina: Nothing
Sayashi Riho: Being myself!!
Suzuki Kanon: To not do embarrassing things as a person!
Iikubo Haruna: Not eating too much late at night.
Ishida Ayumi: I want to properly set my bangs as much as I can when I go outside.
Sato Masaki: That my face changes frequently like a machine.
Kudo Haruka: None (lol)

Q50. What part of you do you want all the fans to look closely at?

Michishige Sayumi: My cu~te face((・ω・))
Tanaka Reina: What part??? ….Ummm, everything. lol
Fukumura Mizuki
- I’d like them to watch my singing and dancing!
- All my thoughts and feelings come out in my singing and dancing, so I’d like them to come to the concerts!
Ikuta Erina: How I’m getting better
Sayashi Riho: In any case, I’d like them to watch the performance carefully!
Suzuki Kanon: Everything! I want them to consider everything and come to like me!
Iikubo Haruna: The mood of the weird character that I’ve been trying to establish recently
Ishida Ayumi: I want them to watch how I keep progressing on and on since I’m competitive, and that I have childish points even though I’m in my first year of high school.
Sato Masaki: I want them to see my energy
Kudo Haruka: I’d like them to see the various Me’s, when I’m being cute, when I’m being a stupid brat, etc.

Q51. A brief comment to conclude.

Michishige Sayumi
From now on, too, Michishige Sayumi will do her best, so please watch over her!!
Tanaka Reina
I think Reina is a unique genre among idols!! I clearly say what I think. I don’t get angry. But I still can’t help but be mystified at the fact that there are people who support me. If I had to, I’d say my appearance is not neat and clean, but rather gyaru-ish (lol). Tanaka Reina is this free-spirited, but from now on, as long as Reina is in show business, please support her (*´ω`*)
Fukumura Mizuki
- Please listen to “Wakuteka Take a Chance” a lot and get excited (^∀・*)ノ”
- From now on, too, please support this 11-member Morning Musume!!!
Ikuta Erina
I’m facing my dream and walking towards it, please watch over me.
Sayashi Riho
From now on, this new Morning Musume with the 11th gen will work hard to go through an amazing evolution, so everyone, please look forward to it excitedly!!!
Suzuki Kanon
Because it’s our 51st single!!!
I’m really getting fired up!
I’ll work hard so that more people will come to know Morning Musume and Suzuki Kanon!
Please watch me closely, okay (´ω`)ノシ
Iikubo Haruna
It’s finally oveeer. lol It was fun thinking about various things. Thank you very much.
Ishida Ayumi
Thank you for watching me “without running away” (lol)
Our new song this time “Wakuteka Take a Chance” is very cool, and so of course I like it…
but please follow our coupling songs too, okay!! Especially Limited Editions C and D!!!
Please let this song pierce your heart when you listen to it (*´∀`*)
And please continue to support me from now on as well.
Sato Masaki
Every day is a fun day.
Kudo Haruka
I love you everyone


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