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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wakuteka Take a Chance Profile Q/A (part 4/5)

Q31. Is there anything that you dislike without having tasted it?

Michishige Sayumi: Raw oysters, beef jerky
Tanaka Reina: Kohada [Note: mid-sized gizzard shad (a type of fish)], mantis shrimp
Fukumura Mizuki: sea urchin and turban shell
Ikuta Erina: Vegetables
Sayashi Riho: Not much
Suzuki Kanon: Not anymore!!
Iikubo Haruna: meat skin, fatty meat
Ishida Ayumi: Shiruko (sweet read bean) sandwiches
Sato Masaki: There’s nothing
Kudo Haruka: shrimp, squid, octopus, I hate them to death!

Q32. What type of clothes do you like?

Michishige Sayumi: Cute dresses. Lately, I also like jeans.
Tanaka Reina: Flashy clothes
Fukumura Mizuki: I’ll wear anything (relatively). But I like ones that aren’t too loud and flashy
Ikuta Erina: Loud and Flashy
Sayashi Riho: I like the mature type!
Suzuki Kanon: Probably rough or cute-looking things. I don’t wear cool things very much.
Iikubo Haruna: Lately, it’s slightly rock-ish.
Ishida Ayumi: Fluffy, airy things? But lately I’ve been thinking I’ll challenge something new.
Sato Masaki: I often wear shorts.
Kudo Haruka: I like Fukumura-san and Iikubo-san’s clothes

Q33. Which productions/works do you like? (Movies, novels, manga, etc.)

Michishige Sayumi: Chibi Maruko-chan, Blackjack
Tanaka Reina: The “Twilight” movies
Fukumura Mizuki
- Movie → Crayon Shin-chan
- Novel → Coraline
- Manga → Kira ☆Rin Revolution, Shugo Chara!, Nanairo ☆Miracle
Ikuta Erina: 「Rabu☆Con」「Aishiteruze☆Beibe
Sayashi Riho: Finding Nemo!
Suzuki Kanon: Ojamajo Doremi 16
Iikubo Haruna: “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” “Strobe Edge,”Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo,” “Tantei Gakuen Q,” “Maison Ikkoku,” “Harry Potter,” Orihara Mito-san’s novels, “Titanic,” “The Green Mile”
Ishida Ayumi: Things like Conan… and movies like Crayon Shin-chan
Sato Masaki: Kage no Ue no Ponyo
Kudo Haruka
- ★ Na no nai Shisha
- ★ Stacys Shoujo Saisatsu Zendan

Q34. A brief comment to the 11th gen member that just joined!

Michishige Sayumi: Usa-chan PEACE v(^^)v
Tanaka Reina: Ganbareina (-∀-)
Fukumura Mizuki: Congrats! Let’s work hard together from now on, ok?!
Ikuta Erina: Let’s do our best together!
Sayashi Riho: You’re by yourself, so you might hesitate to ask things, but go ahead and say anything, ok?!
Suzuki Kanon: Though I think you’ll be uneasy being by yourself too, let’s work hard together!
Iikubo Haruna: We haven’t talked much yet, but from now on, let’s be friends!!
Ishida Ayumi: Though I think there’ll be tough things being alone, everyone is kind!!
Sato Masaki: Though I think I’m an undependable senpai, please support me.
Kudo Haruka: I think there are a lot of painful things and things that you don’t understand, and at those times, please consult the 10th gen members!

Q35. If you were to be reborn, what would you want to be?

Michishige Sayumi: I want to become my older sister and live a life with jokes↑
Tanaka Reina: Sawajiri Erika-san or Ishihara Satomi-san!!!
Fukumura Mizuki: I want to be human one more time! (If the 96th generation auditions are being held at that time, I want to audition ☆)
Ikuta Erina: Madonna, Lady Gaga or Niigaki-san
Sayashi Riho: I want to jump into a miniature world!
Suzuki Kanon: Orangutan (since though it’s humanlike, it seems more free)
Iikubo Haruna: gasoline/lamp/vent fan/sprout
Ishida Ayumi: I’d become a crane and live a long time ♪
Sato Masaki: I want to be a dog
Kudo Haruka: A man (a handsome one)

Q36. What are you weak at?

Michishige Sayumi: Singing, dancing
Tanaka Reina: Doing things that I’m not interested in. lol
Fukumura Mizuki: operating equipment/appliances
Ikuta Erina: Eating Vegetables
Sayashi Riho: Ball games!
Suzuki Kanon: Thinking of designs
Iikubo Haruna: Putting on shoes
Ishida Ayumi: Talking about interesting things, teaching people to dance
Sato Masaki: Threading a needle
Kudo Haruka: None….I’m not good with dancing (*sweat*)

Q37. What are you good at?

Michishige Sayumi: I can take cute pictures of the members(≧ω≦)
Tanaka Reina
- Hula hoop
- Impromptu impressions. If I do something on the spot and it’s something that can only be done then and there, and then I’m asked to do it on TV, I can’t do it (-_-) lol
Fukumura Mizuki: hula hoop
Ikuta Erina: Handsprings
Sayashi Riho: Calligraphy!
Suzuki Kanon: Making up stories
Iikubo Haruna: Absurd moves
Ishida Ayumi: Dance, laughing like a baby
Sato Masaki: Bridge
Kudo Haruka: swimming, DVD appreciation, ONEPIECE!!

Q38. What hairstyle do you want to try?

Michishige Sayumi: bob
Tanaka Reina: Umm, nothing in particular.
Fukumura Mizuki: I want to let it grow super long and curl it!
Ikuta Erina: Blonde
Sayashi Riho: I want to cut about 15 cm off, and have the tips thinned out!
Suzuki Kanon: I’m all right as I am (lol)
Iikubo Haruna: cute mohawk
Ishida Ayumi: For “1 day only” Kuduu’s hairstyle…
Sato Masaki: I want to make it a bit of a bright brown and let my hair grow.
Kudo Haruka: I wanna trim my hair into two block style

Q39. What do you do to relieve stress?

Michishige Sayumi: Sleep
Tanaka Reina: Karaoke↑↑ Keep sleeping as though I’m dead. lol
Fukumura Mizuki: Go in the bath, sleep…zzz
Ikuta Erina: I go to karaoke
Sayashi Riho: I go to karaoke!!!
Suzuki Kanon: Yell out
Iikubo Haruna: I cry a lot and feel refreshed
Ishida Ayumi: Watch Harunan’s gags!
Sato Masaki: Talking to the 10th gen.
Kudo Haruka: I just sleep

Q40. What occupation do you want to try outside of Morning Musume?

Michishige Sayumi: Something like an employee at a cafe♪ or a waitress
Tanaka Reina: Clerk at a clothing shop♪Beautician♪Hostess (lol) ←I want to experience this for a whole day!! (´ψψ`)
Fukumura Mizuki: I want to be a stylist and make concert costumes!
Ikuta Erina: I want to be a maid at a maid cafe
Sayashi Riho: Nail artist!!
Suzuki Kanon: Nursing or child care
Iikubo Haruna: part-time job at a bookstore / something related to social services
Ishida Ayumi: Actress-san. Something where I’d stand in front of people would be best.
Sato Masaki: Nothing
Kudo Haruka: Disney cast member, Disney show dancer


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