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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wakuteka Take a Chance Profile Q/A (part 2/5)

Q11. If you were to express your personality in a single word, what would it be?

Michishige Sayumi: Bad
Tanaka Reina: Gets passionate easily, cools down easily
Fukumura Mizuki: thickheaded
Ikuta Erina: Selfish
Sayashi Riho: I basically go at my own pace! But when it’s time to get things done, I do them well!!!
Suzuki Kanon: Worrywart (I get there very quickly on trains and such…)
Iikubo Haruna: Super ultra positive thinking.
Ishida Ayumi: Competitive (hates to lose)
Sato Masaki: Energetic (genki)
Kudo Haruka: Battle posture

Q12. Please tell us something that you can be proud of.

Michishige Sayumi: I have a wonderful family♪
Tanaka Reina: Depending on my own mood, I’m able to continue something!!! (For example, doing hula hoop, drinking Royal Jelly everyday, etc.)
Fukumura Mizuki: Extreme love for Hello Pro!!!!!!!!!!
Ikuta Erina: I’m an excellent golfer
Sayashi Riho: My body has become extremely flexible!
Suzuki Kanon: That I have a big voice (especially when I sing in a high voice)
Iikubo Haruna: My mom and dad are geniuses.
Ishida Ayumi: Completing my over the shoulder stop weird special skill full of confidence (lol)
Sato Masaki: I’m always smiling and energetic
Kudo Haruka: I love ONE PIECE to death

Q13. If you were to compare yourself to an animal, what would it be?

Michishige Sayumi: Bunny
Tanaka Reina: Cat♪
Fukumura Mizuki: A cat that loves to sleep
Ikuta Erina: Sloth or Tiger
Sayashi Riho: Hamster?
Suzuki Kanon: Orangutan (I like them too)
Iikubo Haruna: Cat! It’s because I love sleeping.
Ishida Ayumi: I’ve been told I look like a fennec fox
Sato Masaki: A dog
Kudo Haruka: Monkey. Loud and moves a lot.

Q14. Are you a dog person, or a cat person?

Michishige Sayumi: Cat. Se~raaaaaaaa↑↑
Tanaka Reina: Suddenly a cat person!!!
Fukumura Mizuki: In terms of face, probably dog?
Ikuta Erina: Dog person. Dogs act selfish like me!
Sayashi Riho: Dog…? No, I’m a hamster person!!
Suzuki Kanon: Dog person!! (I like Shiba inus the best!)
Iikubo Haruna: Cat person! I have two.
Ishida Ayumi: Cat person! Since I had cat ear hair when we did One・Two・Three (*´∀`*)
Sato Masaki: A dog person.
Kudo Haruka: Dog person!! I mean, I am allergic to cats, after all (lol)

Q15. Do you have anything you treasure?

Michishige Sayumi: A letter that I received from Kamei Eri-chan
Tanaka Reina: The photos that I’ve take up to now ★
Fukumura Mizuki: My family
Ikuta Erina: Life. The presents I get from fans.
Sayashi Riho: My family
Suzuki Kanon: My stuffed bear “Cha-chan”
Iikubo Haruna: All the people around me
Ishida Ayumi: A stuffed bear which has been precious to me since I was little
Sato Masaki: I do.
Kudo Haruka: Morning Musume, including Iikubo-chan, Daishi, and Maa-chan, all the fans, my family, the ONE PIECE comics

Q16. What trait of a member do you want to emulate?

Michishige Sayumi: Sato Masaki’s ability not to lose heart
Tanaka Reina: Sato Masaki, who comes to work with a sense of playfulness. Umm…If I’m asked, “Do you want to emulate her?” what if I dare to say, “I don’t want to emulate her, though (lol)”…?
Fukumura Mizuki
- Eripon →Her desire to become number 1!
- Michishige-san’s thoughtfulness towards the members
Ikuta Erina: There are various things from everyone
Sayashi Riho: Ikuta Erina-chan being able to wake up easily in the morning!
Suzuki Kanon: Harunan’s ability to let her mind wander and be lazy
Iikubo Haruna: Michishige-san’s habit of preparing beforehand.
Ishida Ayumi: Ikuta-san’s strong heart
Sato Masaki: I want to learn from Ayumin’s pretty characters
Kudo Haruka: Harunan’s generosity

Q17. What do you want to fix about a member?

Michishige Sayumi: Rihoriho’s excessive cuteness(≧ω≦)+゚:。*+Sayumi doesn’t have thaaaat
Tanaka Reina
- I don’t know who in particular, but I want the whole 9th and 10th gen to be quiet when we’re in transport. I’m really serious. lol
- I don’t want her to sing in such a loud voice in the dressing room. →Ikuta
Fukumura Mizuki: Kuduu →I don’t want her to get too hyper because I’m worried that she’ll get hurt
Ikuta Erina: Nothing
Sayashi Riho: Fukumura Mizuki-chan not being able to understand things the first time!!
Suzuki Kanon: Eri-chan… no, Ikuta’s KY-ness
Iikubo Haruna: Sato Masaki-chan eating too many sweets.
Ishida Ayumi: Kuduu~!!! That she’s a brat when she does a cute face (lol)
Sato Masaki: Not one of the members, but something I want to fix about myself is that I eat too many sweets.
Kudo Haruka: Sato-san’s persecution complex

Q18. Which member is your greatest rival?

Michishige Sayumi: Everyone
Tanaka Reina: No o~ne (-∀-)
Fukumura Mizuki: We get along well, but Ishida Ayumi-chan, who’s in the same grade as me
Ikuta Erina: Everyone
Sayashi Riho: Myself!
Suzuki Kanon: Myself!!
Iikubo Haruna: 9th gen’s Fukumura Mizuki-san.
Ishida Ayumi: Fukumura Mizuki-san. Though we’re the same age, she has an incredible power of expression.
Sato Masaki: Ishida Ayumi-chan from my generation.
Kudo Haruka: Ishida Ayumi , Fukumura Mizuki-san, Iikubo Haruna, Sato Masaki

Q19. What’s your charm point?

Michishige Sayumi: My black hair which has never been dyed in 23 years♪
Tanaka Reina: My eyes and my nails
Fukumura Mizuki: My thin hair and the fact that it’s just the right brown color even if I don’t dye it
Ikuta Erina: My eyes
Sayashi Riho: The mole on my right arm
Suzuki Kanon: My eyelashes!
Iikubo Haruna: My big eyes
Ishida Ayumi: My brown eyes
Sato Masaki: My energy
Kudo Haruka: Husky voice, boyish haircut (lol)

Q20. What’s your strong point?

Michishige Sayumi: I can find what’s good about a person.
Tanaka Reina: I can become friends with anyone who likes himself/herself (lol)
Fukumura Mizuki: I can enjoy anything!
Ikuta Erina: I’m cheerful
Sayashi Riho: I thoroughly immerse myself in the things that I like!!
Suzuki Kanon: Cheerfulness
Iikubo Haruna: I’m positive.
Ishida Ayumi: That I have a competitive spirit to challenge things
Sato Masaki: My smiles and energy
Kudo Haruka: My overly candid personality! Husky voice!

>Wakuteka Take a Chance Profile Q/A (part 3/5)


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