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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[Jmovie] Akira

Studio: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
Licenced by: Geneon Entertainment (USA), Inc.
Length: 1 Movie
Year: 1988
Genre: Military, Horror, Adventure, Psychological, Science-Fiction, Supernatural


The story starts in 2019; 31 years after an unexplained explosion destroyed all of Tokyo in 1988. We follow a gang of young bikers as they traverse the metropolis of a futuristic Neo-Tokyo. During one of their confrontations with a rival gang, Tetsuo Shima gets separated from his gang leader and childhood friend Shotaro Kaneda. Soon after, Tetsuo encounters an aged child called Takashi. Using unexplained psionic powers, Takashi manages to protect himself from the ensuing collision with Tetsuo’s bike. What follows is a story packed with intrigue and suspense, as we delve into the truth behind the 1988 explosion that eventually led to World War III. The very heart of this truth revolves around a mysterious being called Akira.


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