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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Michishige Sayumi discovers how “Tirol Choco” chocolates are made!

If you like Japanese snacks, you may have heard of “Tirol Choco“, a company that produces small bite-sized chocolate candy that comes in over 50 flavors. On the recent episode of the show “Haken OL wa Mita“, Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi got the chance to visit the “Tirol Choco” company to see how they’re made!

Michishige visited the company’s product development department, accompanied by comedians Imoto Ayako, who insisted she was a “3rd generation Morning Musume member“, and Barbie. They meet Kawaguchi, who is the head of the flavor development team at “Tirol Choco”.

Michishige says she’s a big fan of the chocolates, and buys whole boxes of the product, prompting the show to put the subtitles “I’m an idol, but an adult” under her face. The ladies sample several kinds of chocolates before they move on to the room where new flavors are developed.

Later, Michishige, Imoto, and Barbie are given the chance to win three years worth of “Tirol Choco” if they can come up with an idea for a new flavor that is worth developing. Barbie suggests a ginger milk tea flavor chocolate made of white chocolate with a ginger center. Michishige suggests a bite-sized Gyudon cube which would have beef at the top and rice at the bottom, prompting the others to ask, “Where’s the chocolate?” Imoto suggested putting the East African dish of ugali (made of maize flour) inside of the chocolate.

None of the ideas were well-received, so the women are given a second chance. This time, Barbie suggests putting a sprinkle of gold on top of the chocolate to give it a feeling of luxury. Michishige’s idea is a “couple Tirol”, which would have two halves of different flavors that can be separated so that they can be shared by couples. Imoto suggests putting pieces of clam inside.

In the end, Michishige’s idea ends up winning, and she happily wins three years worth of “Tirol Choco”!

You can watch the entire drool-worthy episode below:

source from sayunii

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