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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Morning Musume- “Maji Desu Ka Ska!” HQ Covers and Limited Edition Tracklist Released


Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

Limited D

HQ covers and tracklist for Morning Musume’s 45th single, “Maji Desu Ka Ska!” has been released.

Limited A
1. Maji Desu ka Ska! (Close Up Type 1)
2. Fukumura Mizuki Interview

Limited B
1. Maji Desu ka Ska! (Dance Shot Type 1)
2. Ikuta Erina Interview

Limited C
1. Maji Desu ka Ska! (Close Up Type 2)
2. Sayashi Riho Interview

Limited D
1. Maji Desu ka Ska! (Dance Shot Type 2)
2. Suzuki Kanon Interview

The regular edition features the the group in two rows; 9th gen poses in the front while their seniors are in the back. The Limited A Edition features a close up head shot of each member in her own square. The Limited B Edition features all the members in a random order and random position with the words “Morning” spread through out the cover. The Limited C Edition has all the members in a tiered seating doing a serious sort of pose and the Limited D Edition features all the members in a photo frame that looks almost 3D like.

All the covers has the words “Morning Musume” in bright rainbow colors and in every cover their using the same outfits. I would’ve liked to see them use the punk-rock sort of outfits we’ve seen in the PV previews, regardless of that my favorite covers would have to be Limited A and Limited D.

Overall all the covers look amazing and it really fits the beat of the single. From the tracklist I’m quite excited to see that there will be 2 dance shots and 2 close up version of the PV. I’m also glad that they included an interview from each member since it’ll let fans know more about the 9th gen.

Hopefully all fans can reserve a copy when it’s released.

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