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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hello! Project Events Cancelled Due To The Recent Earthquake

Due to the recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan a few H!P events have been canceled.

Berryz Koubou’s concert on 3/12 in Sendai (the center of the earthquake),and other events, along with C-ute’s Fukuoka appearance, and Mano Erina’s event for this weekend have all been canceled.

Events for Yoshizawa Hitomi and Kusumi Koharu for this weekend have also been canceled, and even though it hasn’t been confirmed most of the events will most likely be rescheduled.
All members have been confirmed to be safe via their Twitter and blogs, here is a small list of confirmations (all information below from dreamtiny):

Morning Musume
Nakazawa Yuko – blogged

Fukuda Asuka – apparently she’s okay? I can’t seem to find anything though.

Iida Kaori
Natsumi Abe – blogged
Ishiguro Aya – blogged

Ichii Sayaka – blogged on Ameblo and Gree.

Yasuda Kei – blogged.

Yaguchi Mari – blogged.
Goto Maki – a news post was made canceling her live. Presumably okay

Yoshizawa Hitomi – confirmed safe by manager

Ishikawa Rika – Confirmed by manager

Kago Ai – tweeted.
Tsuji Nozomi – her husband blogged confirming the safety of his family. I think this is his blog? She has also blogged.

Takahashi Ai – confirmed by MM manager tweet, she also blogged.

Niigaki Risa – confirmed by MM manager tweet, she also blogged.

Konno Asami – confirmed by manager
Ogawa Makoto – has been tweeting.

Tanaka Reina – confirmed by MM manager tweet, she also blogged.

Michishige Sayumi – confirmed by MM manager tweet, she also blogged.

Kamei Eri – confirmed okay by sister’s blog post

Fujimoto Miki – blogged about her flight being canceled. she’s in the United States.

Kusumi Koharu – blogged.

Mitsui Aika – confirmed by MM manager tweet.

JunJun – most likely safe as she’s in China. there isn’t any official confirmation yet

LinLin – most likely safe as she’s in China. there isn’t any official confirmation yet

Fukumura Mizuki – confirmed by MM manager tweet.

Ikuta Erina – confirmed by MM manager tweet.

Sayashi Riho – confirmed by MM manager tweet.

Suzuki Kanon – confirmed by MM manager tweet.

Berryz Koubouconfirmed by manager. Their Sendai concert was supposed to be on the 12th, and has been canceled. They’ve been moved somewhere safe.

C-uteconfirmed by staff
Umeda Erika – tweeted.
Arihara Kanna – tweeted.

S/mileageconfirmed by staff. Some of the members also blogged. Kanon, Ayaka, Saki, Yuuka

Mano Erina – tweeted herself. Her family is also okay.
Kikkawa Yuu – canceled an event through her mobile blog (therefore assumed to be okay)
Matsuura Aya – possibly with Fujimoto Miki (who is stuck in the USA), but uncertain
Tsunku tweeted. Also confirmed that NGP members (THE Possible, Canary Club, etc.) are okay.

former Melon Kinenbi
Megumi Murata – tweeted.

Ohtani Masae – tweeted. Has managed to get in touch with her mom.

Shibata Ayumi – tweeted.

Saito Hitomi – her husband, Hachimitsu Jiro, has been tweeting. It doesn’t look like he’s specifically mentioned that she’s okay, but it can be assumed since he hasn’t said otherwise

Satoda Mai – blogged
Noto Arisa – tweeted.
Maeda Yuki – tweeted (second tweet) though I don’t know where her actual twitter is. It’s here.
Inaba Atsuko – tweeted
Heike Michiyo – microblogged.
Ishii Rika – has been tweeting.

Former Coconuts Musume
Kimura Ayaka
Mika Todd
– was recently in Japan. it’s possible that she left, though it’s also possible that she was still there during the earthquake

Former Taiyo to Ciscomoon/T&C Bomber
Kominato Miwa – has been tweeting

Inaba Atsuko – confirmed by Miwa

Shinoda Miho – confirmed by Miwa

Suenaga Mami (Shikei-Dol) – blogged.
Staff confirmed that H!P eggs/graduated eggs are okay. I can’t find where it was confirmed though.

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