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Friday, April 1, 2011

Morning Musume’s 46th Single “Only You” Release Date Pushed Back

Morning Musume’s 46th single titled Only You has been pushed back.

  • Morning Musume Only You – 5/18 → 6/15

Since their 45th single was pushed back it was somewhat expected that their 46th single would also be since they have to push back any promotions that they have planned (hopefully they already have some) as well as giving UFA a chance to move the schedule they had planned a few weeks back.

Since Maji Desu ka Ska! hasn’t been released it doesn’t seem like that bad news since it will still be released in two months, which should be enough time for us to see if promotion has worked for the 9th generation and if fans like the new genki sound of the single.

Hopefully fans look forward to the single, even though we have to wait another month until it is released.

The release date for the single has been set for 6/15 and the Single V is set for 6/29.

source from sayunii 

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